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CAPE Rebellion 3-D Spatial Audio Headphones

The CAPE Rebellion Headphones let you listen to your music in a three dimensional spatial audio environment which you are empowered to change and personalize as you see fit. The headphones are available for pre-order on Indiegogo, and will be shipped by the end of the year.  

spatial audio

How it Works

The CAPE Rebellion 3-D active noise cancelling headphones give you control of your spatial audio experience. A honeycomb acoustic chamber design with a 3-D Digital Signal processor chip and reverberation algorithms transform two dimensional audio into a sphere of sound. The headphones eliminate static noise by optimizing the circuit design, and the clamps are tuned to let music lovers wear the headphones for an extended time.

spatial audio
The CAPE App lets you import music and control your experience. DJ Mode puts you in control of positional audio, allowing you to create personalized 3-D audio clips by choosing the direction your music comes in. It also lets you share them with your friends on social media. Surround mode converts your music into 3D sound experience.

spatial audio

Key Features

      • Both Wireless and Wired
      • Quality sound over Bluetooth
      • Active Noise Cancelling
      • 55 hours of battery life
      • High Fidelity
      • HRTF Simulation creates authentic 3D spatial audio
      • Heat dissipating
    • Hands-free

spatial audio

The Design

Rebellion has put thought and care into the design of their headphones so that you can wear them in comfort. The tuned clamping force means the headphones will stay snug while creating only the slightest pressure on your ears. The cup is designed to funnel away heat from your ears to the outer shell, and the leather cushions are smooth and soft. The materials have been hand-picked and tuned by expert craftsmen, and the headphones look sleek and elegant.

Pricing and Availability

Early bird prices are available on Indiegogo for as low as $189. Retail price is $250. Products will be delivered starting in November 2016.


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