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Academic Subject Themed Collection

As school gets under way, we wanted to inspire you with a collection of some great products that will get you thinking about your favorite academic subject! We offer a selection of products that involve all your favorite topics. Accessorize with the right gear to get you in the groove for the fall semester, and bring your favorite academic subjects to life!

Math Geek Watch

Instead of simply telling the time, this stainless steel Math Geek Watch marks the hours through various math symbols and formulas. The imported quartz gives you precise time, and the band is made from genuine leather.

academic subject

Chemistry Mug

These two Chemistry mugs will allow you to savor the intricacies of the molecules. Available as a coffee mug or beer glass.

academic subject

Anatomical Art Print

These illustrated anatomical art prints from vintage etchings are perfect for anyone studying medicine. There are three unique art prints to choose from, each depicting a different part of the human anatomy.

academic subject

Technical Illustration Art Print

For those more design oriented students, these technical art prints detail design breakthroughs and inventions. There are five separate art prints to choose from.

academic subject

mBot STEM Educational Robot

For those willing to have a more direct line into their subject of choice, the mBot is a perfect introductory robot that can be assembled in about ten minutes. Beginners can use a drag and drop programming system to learn to control their robot.

academic subject

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