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Home Spa Day Guide: Relax and Recharge

home spa day

We all need a home spa day from time to time. Whether you work full-time, go to school full-time, are a stay at home parent or do a little bit of everything, you most likely have those days where you need to sit down and de-stress.  There will always be something to do, so it’s up to us to reserve the time and space we need to rewind and recharge.

So mark off a day on your calendar, put your phone on silent and use some of products and ideas listed below to make the most of your special day.  Follow this home spa day guide to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can rest and be pampered.


Home Spa Day Step #1: Draw a Relaxing Bath 

home spa day

Start your home spa day by rewinding in a warm bath or shower.  Baths are viewed as luxuries and only to be drawn on special occasion, but start running your hot water because you deserve this! Baths relieve muscle pain, help you sleep better, soothe arthritic pain and the steam helps reduce cold symptoms.  Make your bath even more special and relaxing with a scented bath bomb or essence.  

Use this Lavender/Rose Bath Bomb or Eucalyptus Bath Soak if you like floral, earthy scents.  This Dresdner Bath Essence is made of a European formula that helps people de-stress. Or use this Gourmet Bath Bomb and emerge from your tub with silky, smooth skin. These bath bombs are handmade with cocoa butter, mango butter and rice oil, a combination which softens and moisturizes skin.  Give one of these bath bombs as a unique gift for a friend who you think needs a home spa day.

home spa day

Lavender Rose Bath Bomb

home spa day

Eucalyptus Bath Salt

home spa day

Dresdner Bath Essence

home spa day

Gourmet Bath Bomb


Home Spa Day Step #2: Calm Atmosphere

home spa day

Nothing hinders a home spa day like unexpected guests, endless phone calls, or screaming kids.  Creating a calm atmosphere is crucial if you want to relax, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.  If you take one day to ignore all texts, emails and phone calls, trust your kids with friends or grandparents, and take some time to for yourself, you’ll be more positive and efficient.

Staying well-hydrated is essential for a home spa day. Infuse a pitcher of water with a berries and lemon mixture and drink this flavored water throughout the day to flush out stress toxins. Use this Oil Diffuser and your favorite essential oil to fill the room with the fragrance of your choice. Lavender oil is known to eliminate nervous tension and enhance blood circulation.  Peppermint oil relieves sore muscles.  Finish off your night with a glass of your favorite white or rose wine and keep it chilled in these special wine glasses.

Home spa day

Essential Oil Diffuser

home spa day

Chilled Wine Glasses


Home Spa Day Step 3: Skin Products

home spa day

Use this home spa day to pay some extra attention and care to your skin. Not everyone can afford a monthly facial, but there are certain products you can invest in to preserve and revitalize your skin. Combine a teaspoon of baking powder and small portion of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to exfoliate away dead skin and generate new skin cells.  Make sure to not over exfoliate, and only use this mixture two to three times a week.

If you’re a firm believer of skin care, get this Emoji Masque which will not only lift your skin but also your mood.  Substitute your body lotion with this Argan Rose Body Oil and moisturize yourself with the purest, organic skin softening oils. These oils will lock in all water and prevent early aging.  

Home spa day

Emoji Masque

home spa day

Argan Body Oil


Now for the last and final step that will complete home spa day… Relax! Enjoy this time to yourself, you deserve it! Click here for more bath and spa items!

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