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Make Your Summer Party ROCK!

Summer is here! Are you ready to throw a party and have fun with friends? Feel bored with regular party setups? From tableware to games, here are eight fun gadgets that will make your party ROCK!party

Food bowl

Get your party started with popcorns and chips served on this stylish Food Bowl! Shaped just like a Football, it’s a perfect companion for watching sports games with your buddies.


Beer boot

Give your ordinary beer mug a boot! This 2-liter glass beer boot is a special and entertaining way to drink beer or any cold beverage during your party. It is a must for your beer pong league too.


Shake ‘n’ Make Ice Cream Maker

A summer party cannot go without ice cream. How about make your own? This can be as simple as a few shakes with the Shake ‘n’ Make Ice Cream Maker. Just add salt and ice in the base, mix your milk, cream, sugar into the stainless steel dish, and shake for a few minutes. Your COOL ice cream is ready to share! party

Self-sealing Water Balloon

Let the water games begin with the self-sealing water balloons! You’ll have handfuls ready to go in one minute, perfect for outdoor games like water ball spoon races or for creating a fun balloon piñata. Make a splash at your summer party!


Aurabox Multifunction Speaker

Fire up your party with colorful lights and sounds with the Aurabox. It is a smart, versatile music gadget beyond your imagination– a Bluetooth speaker, a lamp, a digital palette, a thermometer, and even an alarm clock. Try this box of wonder and fun.party

WooHoo Inflatable Lounger

WooHoo your way through the party with WooHoo Inflatable Lounger. It works perfectly as a handy couch for your guests on the backyard, lawn, or beach. It can even float on the water for pool parties. It inflates with two scoops of air and deflates in seconds. party

Inflatable Unicorn Float

Let the unicorn float join your pool party or beach party! Its magical double valve allows for easy inflation with a hairdryer and rapid deflation in less than 3 minutes. The soft touch surface ensures an enchanting ride either on the water or on the beach. Can you tame this mythical beast?party

H0les Prism Eyewear

Look to add some fun and fashion twists to your party? Get the H0les Prism glasses. A great addition to your party outfits, these heavy facets peeps bring on an intense prism storm. Expect to be in awe!


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