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Redecorate On A Budget With These Under $50 Pieces

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars redecorating your home. In fact, you don’t have to spend over $50. Yes, you read that right. We’ve compiled a list of unique pieces that are under $50. From wall hangings to ornaments, here are the products you need to redecorate on a budget. 

Aphrodite Vase, $38.50

This chic heart-shaped glass vase will look charming on your living room table. It’ll hold your bud-less flowers, whether they’re real or fake. We recommend using colorful flowers that’ll help enhance the decor you already have in your home. 

Hydroponic Hanging Shelf, $34.98

Use these shelves to redecorate your home. Instead of nailing paintings on the wall, let them sit on these shelves. Or, use planters and small trinkets to fill the space. While you can use one, a few will create a more complete look. Hang them in a row or in a crooked line for a stylish feel. 

Macrame Large Wall Hanging, $38.96

Whether you want a piece of decor for your bedroom or bathroom, this vibrant wall hanging is perfect. You can purchase in green, yellow, black, or blue. Regardless of the color, you’ll enjoy its boho vibe. What’s so great about this piece, it’s not just for hipsters. This Macrame Large Wall hanging can decorate any home, with any style.

Pyramid Lamp, $43.95

This majestic himalyain salt lamp will bring a warm glow to your bedroom. Besides the light, it also purifies the air. You can sleep knowing you’re breathing in good air. All you have to do is plug this pyramid-shaped lamp onto a wood base and drift off to dreamland. 

Cotton Comforter, $49.98

You don’t need expensive furniture, you can redecorate on a budget with our Cotton Comforter. Yes, it’s under $50 but that doesn’t mean its cheap. This comforter is made of 100% cotton with polyester fiber inside. It’s great when you need an added layer during the winter or when you just want something light in the summer. 

Wall Clock, $39.99

This Wall Clock features neutral tones and a detailed succulent at the bottom. It comes ready to hang, you just have to pick where you want it. Because of its simplicity, we recommend using this clock to decorate your bathroom or office. Put this somewhere that won’t clash with your current decor!

Succulent Vases, $35.08

These Succulent Vases will make a great addition to your home. Although the look is simple, each vase comes painted with small details to add a sophisticated touch. All you have to do is pick the succulent you’d like to showcase. So easy!

White Cotton Throw Blanket, $39.98

No, you can never have enough throw blankets! What’s so great about these pieces is they’re functional AND stylish. Throw blankets can dress up anything – your bed, your living room chair, and even your bedroom ottoman. Our White Cotton Throw Blanket comes with a pom pom fringe for an added touch. Ooh la la.

Sticks Sculptural Wall Hooks, $49.98

Need a place to hang your purse? What about your jackets and cardigans? These Sticks Sculptural Wall Hooks will do more than hang your necessities. They’ll help you redecorate on a low budget. Their unique shape and bold color provide a modern look that won’t clash with any of your decor. We recommend placing near your front door to help keep things clean and organized. 

Hourglass Ornament, $20

These hand printed hourglass ornaments are a great way to add something different to your home. They come in bright pastel colors, with sand inside. Chances are, you’ve never seen these in someone else’s home. Which is exactly why you need them in yours. Pick where you’d like to hang them and enjoy their unique beauty.

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