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Preview: Smart Hanging Washing Machine

hanging washing machine

Whoa, what is this? A Stereo? An Air purifier? A Water filter? Nope. It’s a hanging washing machine.

Made by a trendy new Chinese company, XiaoJi. When people around me discover what it really is, they all say, ‘Wow, it is so cool!’ and ‘Incredible! It looks like it comes from a sci-fi movie!’

The hanging washing machine was awarded Germany’s Red Dot Design Award. Inspired by the shape of a water drop, the natural curves with a pearl white color, it looks clear and pure. It becomes a piece of art when you put it in your bathroom or on your balcony wall. With it’s small size the unique washing machine easily hangs on a wall, making it easier for you to get the clothes out without bending over and hurting your back.

hanging washing machine

The panel is on the door. Once plugged in, touch the screen and it will turn on and off. You can change the mode to personalized functions, among others.

Apart from the stunning look, it lives up to its expectations, when it comes to washing. The capacity is a little less than 7lbs. You can wash your daily wears, towels, shirts, socks and baby clothes.

hanging washing machine

A plus side, the hanging washing machine is not loud when using. Even when it is drying clothes, the noise is minimal.

When installing the unique hanging washing machine, there must be electrical outlet access and water access. The wall should be a solid or bearing wall which is thicker than 9 inches. There should be enough space to fit 35 to 45 inches for installing.

hanging washing machine

The future in Washing

Almost every home has a washing machine. But when it comes to washing certain clothes, a basic washing machine isn’t the best. Delicates and baby clothes should be hand-washed, white clothes should be separate. We either overfill the machine or don’t have enough for one load. With this washing machine, you can wash clothes any time despite of the amount.

The touch screen offers 7 smart washing modes including, standard washing, fast washing, , baby clothes washing, bra washing and more. Each mode comes with a specific washing time. Connecting the mobile app to your washing machine, you can have 8 more washing modes. You can control the washing machine remotely on your phone. It alerts you the washing condition and when washing is done. Now you won’t forget to finish laundry.

hanging washing machine

Hanging Washing Machine: Smart Washing Modes

Bra Washing Mode

Ladies, this is what we have been waiting for, a machine that won’t tear up our favorite bras. Bra washing mode uses a certain amount of water and spin cycle to mimic the hand washing process. The wire inside the bra will not lose its shape, the edge of the bra will not be torn.

Baby Clothes Washing Mode

Babies have the softest skin, so their clothes must be washed separately otherwise it may cause an allergy reaction. Most families choose to hand wash their baby’s clothes. There’s an anti-bacteria seal inside the washing machine to effectively kill bacteria.

hanging washing machine

Self Cleaning Mode

To keep the hanging washing machine working smoothly, he roller inside the washing machine needs to be cleaned regularly. The machine will automatically clean itself. If you wash your clothes frequently, you can choose the fast roller cleaning mode. It will take only 5 minutes to clean itself thoroughly.

Quiet and Safe

It runs smooth and quiet. Once you start to wash clothes, there’s a lock on the gate for safety. Unlike a standing washing machine, this hangs on the wall. So after washing, there is no water left in the pipe. No bacteria can live inside this washing machine

The unique hanging washing machine is available in two other colors. Rose Gold and Champagne Gold.

hanging washing machine

The hanging washing machine is not yet available at the Apollo Box, but will be making it’s way soon.

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