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Practical Gag Gifts for April Fool’s Day 2021

March is over, so beware: April Fool’s Day is around the corner once again! If you need some ideas, we’ve put together some of the best gag gifts that are sure to have the recipients in stitches and can be used all year round!

Handmade Finger Soaps

This set of four soaps are shaped like severed fingers. Fingerprints, fingernails, knuckle wrinkles… The details on the fingers make them look so realistic. These soaps will make a great gag gift—open a gift box to discover severed fingers in it? Imagine the fun! These finger soaps are an awesome way to clean one’s hands and decorate their bathroom.

Poison Wine Bottle Stopper

This white stopper reads “DANGER! POISON,” over a black skull and crossbones symbol. Insert it into a bottle of wine, and give this “poison” as a fun gag gift to the wine-obsessed friend in your life. This stopper will keep their opened bottle of wine fresh for longer while adding a touch of fun to their wine table.

Gummy Bear Candle

Gift this gummy bear shaped candle to a lover of all things cute. They’ll light the candle and, as the wax melts, find a scary skeleton, with sharp teeth and outstretched claws, lurking beneath that adorable exterior! As you know, not everything is sweet to the core! This candle will add a spark of fun to one’s home.

Funny Tummy Belt Pack

This belly bag looks like its name! Choose a hairy tummy, one without hair, or a perfect set of abs. This bag will give the man who receives this practical gag gift an exposed stomach that’s sure to get a reaction from passers-by, as well as a place to store his keys, wallet, phone, and beers on his travels.

Shock Pen and Marker Set

A fun gift for pen lovers and journal addicts, this seemingly normal pen and marker will give them a harmless electric shock that surprises them and makes them laugh when they push the button at the end of the pen, or press the nib of the marker against paper as usual. Even better, these hilarious gag items really write, as long as the writer knows the ropes!

Have a Nice Day and Give the Finger Mug

This mug makes a tongue-in-cheek gift for the coffee lover in your life. It tells your colleagues or friends to “have a nice day,” but as you reach the last sips of your coffee, the bottom sends a different message loud and clear, making everyone laugh. This ceramic mug is a fun way to enjoy tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and more.

Bloody Bath Mat

At first glance, it looks like your typical plain mat. However, this bath mat will turn red wherever it gets wet. It’s the perfect gag gift for any horror fans on your list, giving them the shock of their lives as they step out of the shower and leave a trail of bloodstains! Once dry, the mat returns to innocent white. This bath mat will ensure there’re no real bloody accidents in a bathroom.

Dehydrated Water in a Can

This item has the product description, instructions, and testimonials on the label that will convince at least some people of the very existence of dehydrated water, and make them scratch their heads! Perfect gift for foodies and outdoor adventurers, this gag item is actually nothing but an empty steel can that can hold up to 16 oz of liquid to keep them hydrated on the go.

Headlight Fluid Bottle

There’s no such thing as headlight fluid. However, this might not be obvious to everyone. Fill this bottle with any liquid before giving it to any non-gearheads in your life. Laugh if they try to use it! You can also drink from this bottle to freak them out! They can use this bottle to store their favorite beverage or shampoo.

My Dog Tilts Her Head the Same Way T-Shirt

What’s written on this T-shirt? You tilt your head only to find the T-shirt reads “MY DOG TILTS HER HEAD THE SAME WAY” under a dog head! Paw-fect gift for any dog dad, this soft and comfy cotton T-shirt is sure to trick lookers into tilting their heads and crack them up when they find out what the T-shirt says! This T-shirt will add some fun to the wearer’s wardrobe.

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