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Sweet Treats You Can Indulge in Without Racking Up the Calories

Summer isn’t quite complete without indulging in your fair share of sweet treats. Yes a summer bod is always on our summer list of priorities, but is life even worth living when donuts, ice cream, s’mores and pie aren’t involved? We didn’t think so.

If you’re crazy about sweet treats and want to fill your life with sugary goodness but don’t want to grow inches on your waistline, then satisfy your sugar cravings with some of these adorable sweet trinkets, accessories and gadgets. Scroll down to see some of the cutest “sweet treats” that will show off your love for all the good things in life!

Sweet Treats for the Sock Collector: Donut Socks

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Are donuts your go-to sweet treats? We don’t blame you! Starting off your morning with a donut and steaming cup of Joe is practically an American tradition. Next to eating the real thing, putting on these  yummy Doughnut Socks will be the sweetest part of your day. Also here’s a handy space saving tip: Put one sock inside the other and roll them into a delectable doughnut shape. You have to admit your sock drawer has never looked so scrumptious.

Sweet Treats for the Frenchie: Mini Macaron Neckace

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Second to Lady Liberty, Macarons are one of the best gifts that the French have blessed our nation with. This delectable sweet treat is sophisticated and fun at the same time.  Like a little puffy cloud cookie filled with gold frosting, our dainty French macaron necklace has all the right ingredients to be one of your signature pieces.

Sweet Treats for the Ice Cream Lover: Ice Cream Crystal Earrings

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Ice cream is summer’s staple sweet treat and nothing hits the spot like an ice cream cone on a sweltering summer day. This creamy and cool sweet treat is a universal dessert that brings back childhood memories. Sweeten up your style and remind others what summer is all about with these pretty-in-pink asymmetric ice cream earrings. Wear them whenever you’re feeling extra sweet and saucy!

Sweet Treats for the Kids: Monster Ice Pop Molds

sweet treats

Want to save yourself an extra trip to the store and make your own easy sweet treats? Then whip up some refreshing Monster Icicle Pops! Our Monster Ice Pop Molds create delicious frozen treats in playful shapes. Pour a mixture of frozen fruit, berries and yogurt into these incredibly detailed molds for a fun, frozen blast of cool that the whole family will love!

Sweet Treats for the Fashionista: Sweet Things Round Shoulder Bag

sweet treats

Every girl needs a statement piece bag that shows off their personality. If you’re known as the girl who has a thing for sweet treats then we got the bag for you! This feminine shoulder bag combines your love for sweets and fashion, and it brings a sweet outlook to your everyday style. Wear it whenever you’re on the hunt for a new dessert and remind others that everyone should splurge on their favorite dessert every now and then!

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