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Back to School 2018 Guide: Cool Gadgets for All Grades and Ages

back to school

It’s time to say goodbye to summer vacations and hello to schedules, homework and after-school activities. Back to school shopping this year is a guarantee so go the extra mile this year and surprise your kids with fun back to school gadgets. Use this back to school guide to find unique gifts for kids of all ages and their teachers!



Back to School Guide: Elementary

Science projects, Pb&j’s, spelling tests and Elmer’s glue. Elementary school is the beginning of your little one’s education path a special time so use some of these back to school essentials to make school time the best time of the year.

Our Dinosaur Lunch BoxGeppetto Pencil Sharpener , Jetpack Backpack and Totoro Water Bottle cover all the bases and are the back to school supplies every kid dreams of having. With these school essentials, your kid will be the coolest one on the playground and actually look forward to the school year.


back to school

Dinosaur lunch box

back to school

Geppeto Pencil Sharpner

back to school

Jetpack Backpack

back to school

Totoro Water Bottle




Back to School Guide: Jr. High & High School

Jr. High and High School are the years filled with dances, SAT, rallies and a heavier school load.  They have their fun times, hard times and scary moments, so help cheer these next few years up for your kids with some of these fun items.

Our unique Metal Leaf Bookmark and Carved Wood Animal Pens brighten up long reading assignments. For those long nights of studying, this Spaceman USB LED Light will keep your scholar awake and this Batman Notebook is a back to school  essential that your son will secretly love.


back to school

Metal Leaf Bookmark

back to school

Carved Wood Novelty Pen

back to school

Spaceman USB LED Light

back to school

Batman Notebook

Back to School Guide: College

Independence, meeting new people, nights out “studying” and learning about interesting subjects makes college a cherished and special time.  Since this might be your last back to school shopping trip, make sure to get your new adults gifts that are fun and productive!

Your college student will quickly learn that eating out all the time will break the bank, so give them this Black Bento Box to hold homemade meals. These Multipurpose Wall Storage Units will make the best use of space in a small dorm and this JawZ Laundry Bin will spark fun convos at the laundry mat. Last but not least, leave this Animal Shippon as a tiny housewarming gift that will grow throughout the school year.


back to school

Black Bento Box

back to school

Multi-Purpose Wall Storage Units

back to school

JawZ Shark Laundry Bin

back to school

Animal Shippon


Back to School Guide: Teacher Gifts

Kids aren’t the only people who enjoy fun back to school gifts. Encourage and support your child’s teachers with these thoughtful gifts.

This Kitty Date Stamp, Robot Planter, Handmade Apothecary Candle and Landscape Memo Pad are all useful and unique back to school gifts that every teacher will love.  All teachers work hard to give your children a well-rounded education, so say thank you and show them appreciation.

back to school

Kitty Date Stamps

back to school

Robot Planter

back to school

Handmade Apothecary Candle

back to school

Landscape Memo Pad


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