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Hey, Where’s the Door?

The hidden door, a highly sought-after design, that not only looks tidy and pleasing to the eye, but also adds character to any home! Do you worry about mistaking hidden doors for walls? In no time at all you’ll get used to the new addition and passing through hidden doors will become second nature to you.

How a Door Is Hidden

In a Wall

A functional design that is most commonly found in the living room, the door is hidden as long as it has the same color and texture as the wall. You can add decorative lines, patterns, etc. so that the door seamlessly blends with the wall.

Disguised as a Cabinet

It tends to be found in the bedroom with closets or lockers. The door is hidden with the same design as a cabinet.

Masquerade as a Bookcase

Pay attention to soundproofing if you want a hidden door to your study. The distinctive integration of the door with the bookshelf will give your study a consistent look.

Hidden Door Types

Hidden doors are classified by the way they operate into four types: swinging, sliding, folding and revolving. Let’s take a closer look at their respective characteristics.

Swinging Hidden Door

Durable and soundproof, it is suitable for your study, bedroom, etc., creating a quiet, safe, and private space. Its downside is needing ample space to properly function.

Sliding Hidden Door

Beautiful and space-saving, the sliding hidden door is perfect for separating the kitchen from the living room, or as a bookcase door. However, it is not so privacy-promoting, soundproof or easy-to-clean. Its track requires a regular cleaning and like anything, may get broken after long-term use.

Folding Hidden Door

The folding hidden door does not take up much space, but requires minor maintenance such as track cleaning. This door is costly but gorgeous; make sure that there is enough wiggle room in the budget for it!

Revolving Hidden Door

Full marks for its creative design! The door is decorative and functional, adding a touch of personality to your home. The fly in the ointment is that it takes up much space and is not secure.

Do you want a hidden door at home? Which design suits your lifestyle?

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