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Lumi, an indoor gaming drone for kids and adults

You have to make something special to stand out in the crowded field of drones. We’ve seen drones that can perch and climb, and those that follow you to shoot HD videos. Lumi, a new Gaming Drone developed by WowWee, the maker of popular consumer robots, has just entered the competition. Lumi features sophisticated functions yet easy and fun to play. Lumi can fly itself, dance to the music, interact with you in app-based games, do stunts upon commands, follows you, and avoid obstacles automatically. It makes a perfect indoor quadcopter for kids and adults.

How does the gaming drone work?

With Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices running iOS or Android, users can take control of the gaming drone, play with it, and even program its movements at ease.

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What are the key features?

  • Lumi to the Beat: a major game allows you to select any song stored on your device and move to the lights and beats to make your drone survive under incremental challenges.
  • Multi-Drone Play: you can play games against a friend or a family member with two Lumi.
  • Choreography Mode: Create your sequence of aerial moves, control timing and light colors to your music, and then play it back.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Lumi will actively avoid walls, doors, cupboards, people, and any other common indoor objects.
  • BeaconSense Technology: Using a compact system of infrared lights, Lumi will fly and self-stabilize itself relating to the supplied Beacon.
  • Follow-Me Feature: Simply pick up the beacon and Lumi will follow you.
  • Maker Kit: It includes two Bluetooth pods and an Analytic Tracker that will send debugging data to the user’s PC in real-time for advanced programming.

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How to use it?

  1. Open the box and insert the battery pack into the gaming drone
  2. Open the Lumi app on your iOS or Android devices
  3. Control movements with one-touch buttons or select a game to play

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Price and timeline

The Lumi Gaming Drone is available to support on Indiegogo now with an Early Bird rate beginning at $59 ($50 off the retail price). The first batch of drones will be shipped to backers in August 2016, with the Maker Kits shipping in September 2016. To learn more or to pre-order, click the button below:


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