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Things to Consider when Choosing Your Sofa

Sofas are one of the most used pieces of furniture in the living room. They need to be both beautiful and functional to improve your quality of life. There’re too many sofa styles on the market to choose from. Today we’ll talk about common outside fabrics and layouts of sofas so that you can buy a great couch.

Sofa Fabrics

Cloth sofa: It’s one of the most popular choices of sofa in modern homes. The only disadvantage of this soft and breathable furniture is that it gets stained easily. If you don’t feel like cleaning it frequently, you can choose a color that won’t show the dirt.

Leather sofa: This durable sofa makes a dignified statement. The noble and luxurious sofa is perfect for villas and American-style homes. It’s easy to clean and care for during its long lifespan.

Velvet sofa: It has an ineffable silky feel. You’ll indulge in this retro-chic sofa. Durable and easy to care for, this innately elegant fabric can stand the test of time.

Sofa Layouts

Line up: You simply lineup sofas or sofa seats along a wall. This conventional and space-saving placement is great for a long, narrow, and small living room.

L-shaped: Put a single seat or chair at one end of the sofas or sofa seats, thus creating a corner. This flexible layout makes the most of your space, ideal for a medium-sized living room.

U-shaped: Perfect for a large living room, this layout occupies a large space while offering the highest level of comfort. The U shape creates a private space where you can chat.


1. The angle between the seat and the backrest can’t be 120° to 160° or your center of gravity will be located at your tailbone. Therfore you can neither sit nor lie comfortably to read, watch TV, or sleep.

2. You need to look ahead when watching TV on the sofa. If the seat is too deep, your neck will be supported by your own strength, and in time you may get cervical spondylosis.

3. A seat that tips up too much will compress your sciatic nerve, and, if you sit on it for a long time, cause numbness in your thighs. Your bottom will also become flatter and flatter.

So, what sofas have you bought? Are they comfortable?

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