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No Main Lamp? No Problem!

Lighting is important to indoor space. In addition to lighting, lamps can also create an atmosphere, making a space feel multi-level and classy. All these purposes can be achieved by the increasing interior designs without a main lamp. So today, we’ll talk about lighting without a main lamp.

Lighting Without Main Lamp

The traditional residential space has a ceiling light, and the entire space is illuminated by it. To light without a main lamp is to use more and smaller lamps for lighting. Thus, you can brighten or darken parts of the space according to your needs.

Lighting with Main Lamp
Lighting Without Main Lamp

A main lamp controls the entire space rather than parts of the space, so there’re many unlighted corners. On the other hand, a combination of various light sources, such as downlights, spotlights, and strip lights, is used to light a space without a main lamp.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Point and linear light sources are combined when you light a space without a main lamp. You can switch lighting modes according to occasions to fulfill the lighting needs of a functionally complex room, create a more appropriate atmosphere, and make a space feel multi-level. You can also focus light on objects according to your needs.

If you want to light your space without a main lamp, however, in most cases a dropped ceiling is required, which reduces the height of the space. Therefore, light a small space with a limited floor height and less lighting needs with a main lamp.

How to Light Without Main Lamp

As a transitional area between indoor and outdoor spaces, the entryway can be illuminated by a combination of spotlights, downlights, and induction lamps. A strip light can be installed under the shoe cabinet.

As the key space in lighting, the living room is functionally complex, so a main lamp can hardly meet the lighting needs. Instead, you can use a combination of downlights, spotlights, floor lamps, wall lamps, strip lights, etc. to satisfy both the main and subsidiary lighting needs.

Pay attention to the atmosphere when designing lighting for a dining room. Generally, a suitable pendant light is hung over the dining table to light the table, and downlights are used as supplements. Choose lamps with soft light.

As the main rest area, the bedroom doesn’t require lighting that is too bright. You can mainly use downlights, and take strip lights, table lamps, wall lamps, or bedside pendant lights as supplements. They can not only cover the normal lighting needs but also help you go to the bathroom at night, and create a good atmosphere.

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