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Cat Lover Gift Guide – 2019

If you have a devoted feline fanatic on your holiday gift-giving list this year and you’re looking for a unique gift that reflects their adoration of cats, look no further, we’ve got it all here for you.

We’ve rounded up 25 unique, top-rated gifts for cat lovers below. From mugs with cat print to night lights, speakers, humidifiers, decor, and more, we’ve covered everything from the useful to the decorative, cute, and unique.

Check out these purrrfect gifts for the cat lover in your life (because, come on — how can we pass up the opportunity for a nice cat pun?).

1. Chloe Cat Mug

Are you searching for the perfect tea sipping experience? With Chloe’s feline strength and grace, you’ll enjoy a pleasing sip! Dipped in a metallic finish, this oh-so-chic cat mug is a slinky standout in any feline collection. Available in three colors, it is an adorable gift for anyone! Just enjoy your favorite cuppa with Chloe!

2. Kitten Cosmetic Bag

When we talk about travel essentials, the cosmetic bag is a must. To be elegant and graceful all the time while on your trip, you must have a cosmetic bag to hold all your makeup, cosmetics and accessories. This unique kitten bag is a perfect choice for cat lovers. With it, you will enjoy a neat, convenient and pleasing travel experience wherever you go!

3. Cat Eyes Mini Plates

A fun collectible for yourself or for the cat-loving crowd.

Look at those eyes! These mini plates feature cute cari-cat-ures with the focus on kitty’s expressive eyes.  Adorable and unique, you can use them to decorate your house. With a gold, black, and white color palette, the Cat Eyes Mini Plates are  neutral enough to go with just about anything.

4. Little Cat Night Light

Night lights are the perfect way to add a warm and cute ambiance to any home. This night light is everything a cat lover could want on a cold winter night. They’re also just a cute accent to dress up a room any time of the year. Place them above a bedside table or in your doorway for a quirky accent and cute lighting.

5. Blue Cat Charm Bracelet

Add some sparkle to your wardrobe with this cat charm bracelet. Showcasing sparkling blue beads with gold accents and a blue-eyed cat charm, it also makes you appear fascinating and mysterious. What a stylish feline fashion collectible and purr-fect gift for the cat lover (even if that happens to be you!)!

6. Cat Paw Wrap Ring

No cat lover’s life would be complete without a piece of cat jewelry. This ring is simple but cute, and it’s also really pretty for something that involves cat paw. For those days when you can’t be together with you cat, this cat paw ring is the purr-fect reminder. Wearing it is just like your cat putting its paws on your fingers. How could you have the heart to say no to your little cutie?

7. Cat Fish Humidifier

Dry and stuffy air? Fill your favorite space with a refreshing mist. This oh-so-cute Cat & Fish Humidifier makes any room look warm while providing  your personal space with optimum humidity. As you sit in a shared space with the Cat Fish Humidifier, you will feel extremely comfortable from head to toe. With a compact appearance, it’s easy to carry and won’t take up much room on a nightstand, side table, or desk. What’s more, it also comes with a night light function. What a cute and practical gift!

8. Happy Cat Hanging Storage Pockets

If there is always clutter leaving the house a mess, the Happy Cat Hanging Storage Pockets are a must. These cute cat storage pockets are purr-fect for organizing beauty accessories, nursery items, small toys or pet supplies without taking up much space. Hung on the door or the wall, they will provide you a neat and convenient life!

9. Glamour Cat Ear Tumbler

Not only does this make a ridiculously adorable gift, but it also helps save the environment because it means the person you give it to will use fewer plastic water bottles. Who knew you’d be saving the earth while giving holiday gifts?

10. Little Anime Cat Wind bell

Do you want to capture magical breezes indoors and on a patio? The little anime cat wind bell will help your idea come to fruition. This magical wind bell features a black anime kitty perched inside a birdcage. After hanging it near a window or over a doorway, you will feel totally relaxed when you hear jingle and jangle in the breeze. The pleasing sound is just like a melodious song, bringing you comfort and peace.

11. Scared Cat Trinket Box

Place your treasures within the hallowed casket and be assured of the protection of the divine feline presence of Ailouros. It will hold your secrets and treasures. Isn’t that mysterious enough? Come on, it’s just a trinket box. With a lift-off lid, this Sacred Cat trinket box measures 4.13” x 2.36” x 2.76” in size. Made of hand painted resin, it has great detail and is a perfect gift for the cat lover in your life.

12. Cat House Night Light

A great gift for a younger feline fan on your gift-giving list this year, the Cat House Night Light will be a warm and quiet companion at your bedside. It features a soft glow from the round “cat house”, which makes it a perfect night light for cat lovers in their bedrooms.

13. Anime Plush Cat

This adorable Plush Cat is a great decoration for a couch or bed, but it also looks classy perched on a bookshelf or wall shelf. Available in 2 sizes and 3 styles, you can choose just the right one for your gift recipient. Whether you’re buying for yourself or just someone who loves adorable kitties, this makes a fun and cuddly gift.

14. Sleepy Cat Cup

This sleepy cat cup is purr-fect for curling up in your favorite easy chair with your morning coffee or enjoying a steaming cup of soup on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. With a sleeping cat on the rim and matching cat hanging spoon, it will bring you a sense of leisure and relaxation.  With seven colors for you to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find the one you like!

15. Cat Paw Airpods Case

A little pink cat paw is one of the cute elements that appeals to all cat lovers. Carry a sweet paw along with you that reminds you of your little four-legged friend with our Cat Paw AirPods Case. Crafted in a soft silicone body, the Cat Paw Airpods Case provides full protection for your AirPods. Every time you take it out of your pocket, you will feel struck by its lovely appearance.

16. Cat Paw Makeup Brush

Paw-sitively purr-fect! This Cat Paw Makeup Brush showcases an adorable paw-shaped brush that allows you to  apply blush like a pro. Each brush features bristles crafted with fiber, which are extremely soft and cozy. When you apply it on your face, it will feel like a little cat’s caress!

17. Ceramic Coffe Mug and Spoon Set

Every cat lover needs their own office mug. This ceramic mug and spoon put a paws-itive spin on your morning cup of coffee. The ceramic lid keeps coffee, tea or hot cocoa warm. Keep your cat at the office with this ultra-cute coffee mug that features a cute cat face and paw. Just be careful, this mug is so cute your office mate might swipe it for themselves!

18. Kitten Paw Earrings

Our Asymmetric Kitten Paw Earrings showcase a tiny white cat and a cute paw. This simple design is sophisticated enough for any earring wearer, whether they put them on for evening, work, or just for everyday use. These hand painted resin earrings make for one sweet gift. Once you wear it, you will become a striking cutie!

19. Coco Neco Kitten Paw Cup

Are your drinking glasses boring? Here’s a paw-fect solution! Our Coco Neco Kitten Paw cups will pour some feline fun into your next rehydrating session. These adorable cups look exactly like a cat’s paw, complete with their cute padding underneath! Let’s face it–you secretly enjoy it when kitties step all over your desk when you’re trying to work. Let these adorable mugs add a cup of joy to your day!

20. Kitty Bluetooth Speaker

Combine your love for kittens and music with our Kitty Bluetooth Speaker! Its compact size and powerful speaker make it easy for you to enjoy music anywhere – even while you’re in the shower. So, place this kitten on your vanity and scrub away to your favorite tunes!

21. Kitty Car Phone Mount

Not convenient to use your phone while driving? This Kitty Car Phone Mount will be a help.Keep safe on the roads by mounting your phone to this adorable magnetic Kitty Car Phone Mount. It uses a click on, click off magnetic technology for fast access. The magnetic grip and 360° rotating base mean that you can perfectly angle your phone so it is secure and visible but not in your way.

22. Cute Kitty Soup Bowl

Our kitty themed soup bowls are ready to warm you up! Choose from four different styles or collect them all for a purr-fectly cute soup set. This decorative soup bowl has double handles and a lid for easy carrying. Let the cute cat accompany you every meal time!

23. Cat Crescent Moon Necklace

This moonstruck mouser loves the view from up here! And you’ll love how this silver cat on a gold moon necklace goes with all your favorite fashions. Treat yourself or order it for a feline-loving friend with this adorable cat necklace. A purr-fect gift for any occasion and let you sparkle in the crowd.

24. Cat Paw Lip Balm

Dry or chapped lips? You need this Cat Paw Lip Balm in your handbag or pocket. Paws up for kissably soft lips! Our Cat Paw Lip Balm comes with an oh-so-cute cat paw motif on the lid that repeats on the lipstick. Keep lips magically smooth & soft with this adorable, cat-paw-shaped lip balm! Order one for yourself and one for a feline-loving friend.

25. Paw Plates

When you’re looking for something unique and fun, you’ll find that these plates are an instant conversation starter. The glossy ceramic design ensures that the plates will stand up to daily use. There is a cute three-dimensional cat paw on the plate, as if there is a cat ready to steal your food. Mix and match and create a set of plates that’ll make dinnertime that much more fun.

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