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Let the Realistic Architectural Renderings Create a Unique Vibe

Good renderings should accurately reflect the design concept, show the design details and soft outfit matching. There are also extremely high requirements for the grasp of materials, colors and lights.

“SJB visuals” is a visualization company that knows this well.

Founded by Howe Law, SJB visuals is a studio located in New South Wales, Australia. They use Cinema 4D software to create bold and stylish designs for spaces.

They have unique insights into space design and light perception. Imagination, efficiency, comfort, etc. are all synonymous with them.


The design of this townhouse combines modern style with natural elements to create an attractive space texture.

The low-key, gorgeous style of the interior, paired with calm colors and exquisite furniture, as well as each realistic detail, showcases function and aesthetic.

The marble countertops and wood finishes of the bathroom have delicate and subtle textures, making the whole space look richer and more vibrant.


This is a project for the office. Different areas in the interior have different design styles, and the different transformations on the ground, tables, chairs, and lighting are quite appropriate.

The arched ceiling is connected to metal pillars to form an open space. The natural light that penetrates from the window is mapped on the computer screen, making the picture look extra real.

The sculpture-like materials create different visual effects when illuminated by light.

On the balcony, full-textured seats are matched with stone side tables, and spherical table lamps that are placed next to it, brings a touch of gentleness. The metal strips of the large-area window are combined with light and shadow, making the overall look rich in layers.

This is a specially designed resting place for the office. The fine texture of green leather and terrazzo pairs well with the emerald marble countertop. The fusion of these different textures complements the exquisiteness of the space.


This project combines red bricks with arched elements and regroups ordinary materials to show the different architectural beauty.

The green plants reflected on the glass and the treatment of the interior space bring realism, making people forget that this is a picture of renderings.

The courtyard design has a certain vibe of life. Flames, green plants, and cushions soften the surrounding stone walls.

The interior adopts bright tones to look cleaner and simpler. As the main material, the wood also adds a touch of simplicity.

In this circular public area, the metal ceiling is polished into a mirror to reflect people’s activities, which is very novel and creative.


The overall picture of this apartment project is clean and concise. Each piece of furniture in the living space exhibits unique characteristics and artistic fashion.

The swimming pool fully demonstrates the relationship between light and water surface.


The interior of this apartment highlights a modern and fashionable vibe through ornaments, soft sofas, golden fireplaces, etc.

The kitchen is dominated by gold tones, highlighting the unique high-end personality. In the dining room, the changes of light and shadow are just perfect.

The bedroom in black has the same design language, but the elements are more abundant.

The combination of marble and anti-corrosion wood in the bathroom, together with the floor-to-ceiling window decoration, bring a unique and fantastic feeling to the whole space.


The whole project is dominated by gray, and the wavy roof is the biggest highlight of the entire design.

The floor of the guest dining room is tiled with stone slabs, with soft and comfortable carpets and sofas on it. The two elements of rigidity and softness coordinate with each other to achieve a good saturation.


In this project, SJB visuals have a better control of the light and the picture through the virtual-real contrast among windows, walls and furniture.

The project picture comes from the designer’s official website:


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