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Celebrate International Day of Forests

As Roosevelt said, forests are “the lungs of the Earth.” On March 21st, the entire globe pays special homage to forests by celebrating International Day of Forests. This day sheds light on the importance of forests.  Join in this celebration by exploring your love of forests.

Forest Wallpaper

Make forests the center theme of your home decor with the Forest Wallpaper. This beautiful wallpaper comes in multiple sizes and is perfect for making your home as tranquil as an enchanting forest. This wallpaper makes a lovely backdrop for any room in your home.

Creative Green Forest Rug

A lush green forest can be one of the most peaceful settings. This Creative Green Forest Rug makes it possible for you to add the green lushness you find in the forest into your home. This lively rug will brighten up any room which will help you enjoy your space even more. 

Large Triangular Camping Hammock

Enjoy relaxing among the trees with the Large Triangular Camping Hammock. This hammock is a must-have item for the outdoor enthusiast. It is easy to set up in any setting and provides durable comfort so you can spend hours relaxing and taking in the scenery. This hammock packs up small for easy packing and transport.

Pine Tree Featured Mug

Combine two of your favorite things, a love for trees and coffee, with the Pine Tree Featured Mug. This ceramic mug is beautifully designed and is perfect for starting your day. This will become your new favorite mug and is an excellent gift for the tree hugger in your life.

Framed Preserved Leaf Decor

Surround your interior space with reminders of your love of nature and forests with the Framed Preserved Leaf Decor. There are multiple styles to choose from to create a beautiful natural display in any room. This lovely artwork is the perfect way to honor your love and passion for nature and forests. Gift this framed artwork to friends, family members, or colleagues. 

Durable Waterproof Backpack

The Durable Waterproof Backpack is essential for exploring the wilderness while protecting all of your things. This backpack is waterproof, so no matter the weather, you can enjoy an adventure in the most rugged and remote forests. There are three vibrant colors to choose from that will stand out in any natural setting, so you are always visible. 

Retro Compass

The Retro Compass is an excellent way to explore your natural surroundings. Sometimes when you are deep in the forest and among large trees, your phone does not get reception, so you need to track your whereabouts the old-fashioned way. This compass will help guide you no matter where you are so you can enjoy your natural surroundings safely. 

Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Bring your love of trees and forests wherever you go with the Tree of Life Pendant Necklace. This elegant necklace is available in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. This necklace is simple enough to be worn with any outfit and can easily be dressed up for any occasion.

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