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A Quick Guide to Choosing Hair Accessories for Your Wedding Day

Your big day is coming. You may have got your venue, dress, shoes and bouquet done, and are struggling to choose your wedding hair accessories, the finishing touch to your wedding attire. With thousands of choices available to you, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, we will go over the different types and styles of bridal hair accessories to help you find the perfect finishing touches.


You are not a member of the royal family, but you can be one on your wedding day! There is no better way to make you feel and look like a princess than a tiara or crown. They are perfect for the traditional bride and her formal wedding. They are also ideal for a classic updo and veil, as they can hold the veil in place.

There are a variety of tiaras out there to satisfy different brides’ needs. Grand, traditional and formal, a regal tiara is great for the confident bride who pursues a dramatic and show-stopping effect. Crystals and gems will make these crowns more impressive. This Swarovski Crystal Regal Tiara, for instance, features an elegant pattern of leaves and vines accented with sparkling Swarovski crystals. High in size, regal tiaras are not suitable for long faces.

A wishbone tiara is more vintage and delicate. It curves towards the top and rises to a small point in the middle of the tiara. Encrusted with round rhinestones, this Simple Rhinestone Wishbone Tiara is simple but stunning enough to add spark to your wedding dress.

Inspired by nature, a wreath tiara uses flowers, leaves, berries, and/or vines. It is perfect for the bride who dreams of an outdoor wedding, a romantic bohemian wedding, or is simply looking to add a Grecian flair to her big day. This Swarovski Crystal Wreath Tiara, for example, looks elegant and feminine with sparkly Swarovski crystals on the flower and leaf charms.


With a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials, bridal headbands are versatile and can work well with most hairstyles, including an updo, all down, and a half-up, half-down hair do.

If you like something understated, pick a delicate one like this Pearl Loop Headband, which features handmade artificial pearls threaded on loops of strings. It is the simple yet perfect complement to your bridal look.

If you want to make a statement, choose a glamorous one like the Rhinestone Ribbon Headband, which features sparkling rhinestones arranged in diamond shapes strung along a white ribbon. A stunning headpiece perfect for the bride who loves bling!

Best of all, headbands are easy to wear, so you do not have to sit in the hairstylist’s chair for a long time to get your hairstyle done!

Hair Vine

A hair vine is a hair accessory that looks like a climbing vine, usually decorated with crystals, pearls and flowers. It looks particularly great when entwined throughout a bridal braid. Place it at the side of your head, over an updo at the back of your head, or above your face as a headband. It will blend beautifully with your hairstyle and create a feminine appeal.

This Crystal and Pearl Hair Vine is designed with clear Swarovski crystals and beautiful faux pearls that are wired together. The small loop at each end will help you fix the accessory onto your hair.

Hair Comb

Combs are not merely used to detangle your hair, but also one of the most popular wedding hair accessories. With a set of teeth to grip onto your hair and hold it in place, hair combs work best for hair that has been styled into a bun or updo, and can also be worn for a side swept look. Most hair combs are decorated with rhinestones, flowers, pearls, and other simple or elaborate detail.

The thicker and rougher your hair is, the larger your hair comb should be. Featuring gold brass leaves, this Grecian inspired Gold Leaf Hair Comb will add divine elegance to your look. It is pretty large, so make sure that you have enough hair to support it.

If your hair is shorter or smoother, try hair combs with a shorter wired base or flat base. This Vintage Hair Comb with a short wired base features two hearts mounted with shimmering rhinestones. An ivory pearl is set at the top of the hearts and between them. The hair accessory will add a touch of sparkle to your hair, and make you look delicate and classy.

Hair Clip/Hairpin

If you are looking for an understated look, consider smaller hair accessories like hair clips or pins. They will add just the right amount of touch to any hairstyle, however simple or sophisticated.

Complete your mermaid look with this Starfish Hair Clip. Featuring a starfish adorned with small pearls against a blue shell, and a large pearl dangling from them, this hair accessory is a must-have for your beach-themed wedding. Such weddings can include pearls, starfish, shells, etc.

If you are preparing for a vintage wedding, this Vintage Swallow Hair Pin might be a great choice. Crafted of antique gold-colored metal, this realistic-looking bird-shaped hairpin is the perfect addition to your retro ensemble.

Planning a modern wedding? Keep your bridal look simple but stylish with geometric designs and sleek metal materials. This Geometric Metal Hairpin features a three-dimensional, hollowed-out design that gently holds your hair in place. Lend your hair a modern update with this contemporary finishing touch.

You’re a free spirit. Add natural elements, such as flowers, leaves, vines and feathers, to your style with bohemian hair accessories for your special day. Made from painted feathers, this Monarch Butterfly Hair Clip features a beautiful and realistic monarch butterfly on a metal alligator clip for a boho-chic vibe. A swarm of butterflies will fly onto your hair if you use more than one clip!


Fascinators are bold and gorgeous accents to your hairstyle. Usually embellished with a birdcage, flowers, and feathers, these fashionable pieces are impressive and eye-catching for your big day. Additionally, they can be worn with almost any length of hair. Fascinators are an amazing choice for the bohemian, vintage, older, or just-because-it-works bride.

Instead of wearing a full-length wedding veil, consider a veiled fascinator as an alternative. Resting on a silver headband, this Blue Veiled Fascinator features a stunning display of feathers, leaves, flowers, Swarovski crystals, and a classic veil.

If you’re eager to show off and get attention, consider extravagant headpieces like this Black and Red Fascinator. It is unusually shaped and pinned by a long red feather, perched securely on a strong and comfortable headband. Wear this accessory at the left side of your head for a unique and eye-catching look.

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