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Check out This Unique House Full of Greenery!

We spend half our lives working, trying to make our lives better. The quality of life, in a large part, is reflected in the house. It’s not enough to have a mere house. We will have to make it the way we want it to be with well designed decorations.

Today, we would like to share with you a beautiful house full of greenery. This unique house presents a simple atmosphere and aesthetic feeling with its simple white walls and vibrant green plants.

To utilize space to the maximum extent possible, the house owner decided to integrate the living room with the dining room. By doing so, the integrity of the space and lighting is ensured.  

Integrating the living room with the dining room makes it possible to watch TV when sitting by the dining table. The pure white cabinets and the white wall form a different layer. However, their similar white colors create a harmonious feeling throughout the whole space.  

The tiny room appears cozy and sweet with the pillow-stacked oatmeal sofa and all these creative adornments hung above.

Same thing in the dining room. Exquisite details can be observed in each corner. As we can see on the wall, the storage shelves have greatly increased space utilization.

The house owner chooses white cupboards with silver handles for the kitchen, which features elegance out of its simple design.

Bedrooms and living rooms follow the same simple and clean style. The neatly painted wall creates a premise for later furnishing. Even if the white wall is no longer needed, latex paint can be easily applied to the wall, which spares plenty of room for transformation.

On the other side of the bed are a small chest of drawers and a dressing table, which also serves as a practical desk.

That’s enough for today’s sharing. Do you like this unique house full of greenery?

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