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12 Crystal Gifts For The Crystal-Obsessed

Whether you think they’re a fad or you believe in their power, you can’t deny the fact that crystals are attractive and enchanting. And odds are, your friends and family think so too. So, why not gift them? This year,  surprise your loved one with crystal gifts that stand out.

Here are 12 stylish crystal gifts that can be worn, consumed or used to spruce up your home:

Fluorite Raw Crystal Necklace

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We all have times when we feel drained, and thankfully, crystals can help turn that frown upside down (cheesy but true). Our Fluorite Raw Crystal Necklace will boost your energy and improve your confidence as soon as you see yourself in this pretty necklace. Sounds like a pretty impressive piece of jewelry, doesn’t it? Available in purple and blue, you’ll feel so good wearing this boho-chic accessory, that you’ll never want to take it off.

Men’s Blue Swarovski Crystal Skull Bracelet

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Crystal gifts aren’t just for ladies, men can take advantage of these ethereal gifts too. Case in point, our Men’s Swarovski Bracelet. This stylish bracelet is rugged, unique, and definitely guy appropriate. With a reflective skull centerpiece, this bracelet will make the perfect gift for any guy in your life.

Swarovski Crystal Lollipops

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These aren’t your basic lollipops – these crystal gifts are covered in Swarovski crystals and made with edible sparkles. Beauty meets deliciousness! They’re the perfect gifts to give to your friends or save for yourself on those days when you need an extra pick-me up.

Crystal Dip Pen

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What’s better than practical gifts? Practical, crystal gifts! This pen will shock and awe anyone who sees it. Crafted from hand blown glass, it’s uniqueness will make you feel oh-so elegant and classy. It’s the ultimate gift for up-and-coming writers.

Crystal Candle

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Warning: This candle will place a spell of enchantment as soon as its lit. Our Crystal Candle smells just as good as it looks.  It’s scented with essential oils and made to burn for at least 50 hours. Get ready to feel peaceful as hell with this candle in your life.

Crystal Rock Candy

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The best type of crystal gifts are gifts made of sugar. These Crystal Rock Candies are gorgeous, nostalgic and oh-so-tasty. Available in pink (cherry) or blue (cotton candy), you and your friends will feel like kids as soon as you taste these fun crystal candies.

Crystal Ball Music Box

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Our Crystal Ball Music Box marries vintage and modern decor. Choose to have a moon, star, or bubbling sea inside your crystal jar.  Each style plays a beautiful rendition of Pachelbel’s famous Canon and will look gorgeous rested on your desk or piano.

LED Crystal Globe Pendant Lights

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Bring a little mystery and romance to your home with these hanging lights! Our LED Crystal Globe Pendant Lights will look lovely dangling from your living room or backyard patio. Available in warm white or multicolored, these crystal gifts will bring positive energy to any celebration you host.

Crystal Cubes Pleasure Bracelet

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Who wouldn’t want a bracelet adorned with Swarovski crystals? Our Crystal Cubes Pleasure Bracelet will have onlookers taking a second look. Its simplicity and quality makes this bracelet a must-have accessory. Plus, it’ll go along with every outfit you own!

Linoace Crystal Earrings

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Earrings? Yes, please! These unique crystal gifts will look stunning on your ears. They’re custom made, which means you won’t see a ton of people walking around with them on. Trendsetter alert!

Serenity Salt Bowl

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Our Serenity Salt Bowl comes filled with Himalayan salt crystals. You won’t just love the way it looks on your coffee table, you’ll also love the serene energy this bowl will bring to your home. For an even more relaxing atmosphere, just pour essential oils in this bowl. It’s the best gift for friends and family who love at-home aromatherapy.

Fairy Crystal Soap

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You already know crystal gifts come in necklaces, earrings, pens, and bowls. But what about soap? Yeah…we’re talking about soap shaped like real crystals! Our eye-catching Fairy Crystal Soap is about to elevate your bath time. So cancel your weekend plans, upload a shot of these soaps to your IG story and show all your followers how to draw the most relaxing, ethereal bath.

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