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12 Organizing Hacks to Tidy Your Home

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Let’s talk spring cleaning. What if organizing hacks could help make it easier? It’s time to fully take down the holiday décor, open the curtains and embrace the sunshine!

Here are 12 organizing hacks to help you tidy up your home:


Organizing Hack #1: Declutter Everything

The first step to getting organized is a major spring cleaning. Toss everything! Ok, I understand it’s difficult, what if you need that super cute dress (that you haven’t worn for 3 years) for a party? What if you need that 2015 receipt from Target one day? Trust me, let the dress go and throw away the receipts. Once you start getting rid of unnecessary stuff, your house will already feel bigger and cleaner.


Organizing Hack #2: Re-Use Mason Jars


organizing hacks


Mason jars are meant for organizing. Different sizes, shapes and colors make them perfect for all needs. For a beauty guru, keep your brushes together in a tall jar. Stop losing all hair ties and scrunches by keeping them safe in a jar. Having them in a jar will remind you they have a set place to put back. Put a mason jar on your work desk and keep all pens together in a decorative jar. Even the kitchen can use a mason jar for big utensils. Show off your style while staying organized with these nautical mason jars.


Organizing Hack #3: Keep Your Desk Clear


Organizing hacks


A messy desk is a messy life. From a work desk to a coffee table, adding a wooden caddy can clear up the mess quick. For your desk, put sticky notes, scissors, notebooks and more. A bamboo wooden caddy is perfect for the bathroom, beauty room or living room table. Common organizing hacks are the best.


Organizing Hack #4: Use a Calendar

Organizing hacks at home are not all about cleaning. Mental organization is just as important. Keep a calendar in clear sight to see daily. Hang one in the hallway or kitchen, you are more likely to look at it outside of the bedroom. Write down all important dates, birthdays, appointments, activities to stay focused.


Organizing Hack #5: Multi-Use Spice Rack


Organizing hacks


A spice rack? I know, those take-up counter or shelf space, but not a magnetic spice rack. This is ideal for more kitchen counter space, just attach to the wall and use spices as needed. Simple, easy and convenient. Not only can these be used for the obvious, but they have multi-use. Attach some to the garage wall for small tools. Keeping the garage organized is just as important. The spice rack jars are perfect for screws, nails, bolts and more.


Organizing Hack #6: Hanging Pockets


organizing hacks


Hanging organization can look more like clutter when done the wrong way. A hanging pocket organizer is perfect for inside the closet. Keep books, charging cords, toys and anything random laying in the house organized with hanging pocket organizers. Another great use is for shoes, keep pairs together by tossing them in a pocket and keep them off the clean floor. The happy cat hanging storage is perfect for a kid’s rooms or a cat lover.


Organizing Hack #7: Keep a Journal


Organizing Hacks


Just like the calendar, a journal will keep you organized, which in turn keeps your home organized. Grab a notebook, big or small and write down any thoughts, ideas or lists. A journal is perfect for writing a weekly grocery list, ideas for new décor or random thoughts throughout the day you want to remember. Make it personal with a cute design like these wooden journals.


Organizing Hack #8: Go Paperless

It’s 2018 and time to get on the go green train. Going paperless will declutter all the non-sense papers. All credit card bills can now be paid online and you will no longer receive the dreaded bills in the mail. Keep track online, not a paper trail. Receipts can also be kept in your email, many stores are offering to email a receipt, to minimize paper waste. And don’t forget stores are charging or banning plastic bags. Invest in reusable bags to keep in your kitchen for grocery days. Organizing hacks aren’t just for simple home fixes, they can help the planet too.


Organizing Hack #9: Declutter Jewelry


Organizing hacks


Jewelry looks gorgeous on a person, but on the counter, it looks like a mess. Traveling with jewelry is another hassle, but these macaroon containers are perfect for keeping all jewelry organized and in a safe place. Bonus: these are too cute not to display in your room. For statement jewelry or if you want to show some off, try a jewelry stand. Decluttered jewelry won’t just look cleaner but will keep you from losing all the studs.


Organizing Hack #10: Storage Bins


organizning hacks


Storage bins are no longer big, bulky plastic bins. Canvas storage boxes are designed to be functional, easy to clean and cute. Storage boxes are perfect for living rooms, toss some pillows inside to have more couch space, store blankets inside for cold nights or use for your favorite books and magazines. These are also great for kid’s toys, shoes or bathroom supplies.


Organizing Hack #11: Improved Photo Display


Organizing hacks


Photos are amazing memories, but too many photo frames feel messy. Declutter your favorite photos in an adorable trendy way. String lights showcase photos without a million frames on a table. Let every photo shine while hanging on a string of lights. Pick your favorite color and shape, like pink heart-shaped lights, add some clothes pins and post those pictures on your wall. The lights will draw more attention to the photos.


Organizing Hack #12: Reward Time

No one said organizing is easy. It’s a chore adults dread every season. Make it a game, time yourself. Set a 30 minute or more timer, get as much organizing and cleaning done as possible, then reward yourself. The more time the better reward, get 3 scoops of your favorite ice cream, read your favorite book or binge watch episodes of your favorite show. Giving yourself a reward for organizing makes you work harder and the times goes by faster.

Don’t let spring cleaning scare you, these 12 home organizing hacks will help restore your cozy home in no time.


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