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Kinetic Art Table Sisyphus Sculpture

Sisyphus is a kinetic art table sculpture named after a character in Greek mythology who was condemned to roll a boulder up a mountain for eternity. In Bruce Shapiro’s art pieces, he uses a ball rolling through the sand to eternally create and erase beautiful patterns. The resulting images are mesmerizing and meditative to behold, and he views it as a musical instrument that plays paths instead of songs. His Sisyphus installations have been shown in galleries for almost 20 years. With his latest Kickstarter campaigns, he hopes to bring the sculptures into people’s homes.

kinetic art table

How the Kinetic Art Table works

Sisyphus is a fully functional table with a thin layer of sand under the glass top. Beneath the table, a two-motor robot affectionately called the “Sisbot” moves a magnet that pulls a steel ball through the sand. The motors are controlled by a Raspberry Pi computer which plays a set of path files. You can control playback by choosing your favorite tracks or playlists, as well as lightning, via mobile app or browser.

Key Features

  • Control via smartphone app
  • Uses Raspberry Pi and servomotors
  • Program unique paths using vector coordinates
  • Three sizes available
  • Tempered glass top
  • Choice of wood veneer
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Standard AC power cord


Price & Availability

There are three sizes available. The first is a 2 foot around, 22″ tall end table with metal legs, the second is a 36″ round by 18″ tall coffee table with metal legs, and the largest is 48″ by 18″ coffee table with hardwood base. The end table is available on Kickstarter for just under $800, while the metal coffee table is priced at $1095. The elegant hardwood coffee table is priced at $7,500.

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