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Treat Yourself to The New Apollo Surprise Jewelry Box

Apollo surprise jewelry box

Apollo Box is excited to announce the launch of our

Apollo Surprise Jewelry Box!

Jewelry is everlasting and never goes out of style. The Apollo surprise jewelry box was created for jewelry enthusiast all around. Treat yourself with this monthly or quarterly box. Fill out a quick survey and let us become your personal stylist.

From boho chic to vintage to glam we have your favorite styles. Each jewelry piece is hand-picked to fit your style and daily life. We offer unique and trendy jewelry, often not found in store and some are even hand-crafted.

The Apollo surprise jewelry box is different from any jewelry subscription as you get to keep each piece. No renting. No need to send back. Just quality products you will fall in love with. More perks include, free shipping, variety of styles to choose from and up to 40% off retail price.

How the Apollo Surprise Jewelry Box Works:

    1. Tell us all about you! Sign up and fill out a quick survey to share your preferences on your jewelry style.
    1. We become your stylist! We prepare a surprise jewelry box for you every month or quarter based on your style and trends.
  1. Enjoy your Surprise! Receive your box filled with unique and fun jewelry. Treat yourself and share with loved ones!

Apollo Surprise Jewelry Box Styles:

Boho Chic

Apollo surprise jewelry box

Do you live for bohemian vibes? Feather earrings, dream catcher necklace and a silver leaf necklace are just a few of the boho chic pieces we offer. Stay in touch with your earthy fun hippie side with boho chic style.


Apollo surprise jewelry box

Roses, cherry blossoms and sunflowers galore. For the flower power girls we have countless flower jewelry options. Some of our best sellers that could be in your box include the white cherry blossom ring, four leaf clover necklace and floral headpieces.

Crystal & Gemstone

Apollo surprise jewelry box

Clear your chakras and keep your mind body and soul calm with our gorgeous crystal and gemstone collection. If you love to stay on trend, crystals are in style right now, from crystal pendant necklaces to gorgeous rings, you will swoon over our huge selection.


Apollo surprise jewelry box

Are you one with the moon and stars? All about zodiac signs? Love to star-gaze? Our unique celestial and space jewelry collection is calling your name. As one of our best selling collections, your Apollo surprise jewelry box will include the best of the best. Like our solar system bracelet or lunar phase necklaces.


Apollo surprise jewelry box

Of course all the jewelry we offer is cute, but these pieces are next level cute! The cute category is for the girl who loves bright colors, unique designs, unicorns, sparkle and more. Imagine receiving the cutest donut necklace or unicorn earrings? You will squeal with excitement.


Apollo surprise jewelry box

Are you known for your vintage flare? Is Taylor Swift your spirit animal? Vintage will never go out of style. A vintage pendant with a preserved flower inside will bring all the compliments your way. Let us help you showcase your vintage side with the Apollo surprise jewelry box.


Apollo surprise jewelry box

This one is for the fashionistas. Calling all Carrie Bradshaw’s! If you are glam on the daily and love to accessorize, the glam category is meant for you. Pearls, diamonds, crystals OH MY! Enjoy a surprise full of pearl drop earrings, gold rings and sparkly necklaces.


Apollo surprise jewelry box

Do you prefer more punk rock vibes? Love to rock out and show off your edgy side? If you love jewelry, but prefer no sparkles and flowers, this category is full of unique punk jewelry. From a black butterfly necklace to steampunk rings, the Apollo surprise jewelry box will be filled with your new favorites.

Subscription Plans

Apollo surprise jewelry box

We  offer 4 different subscriptions plans to fit your lifestyle and budget. Give yourself a well deserved treat with the Apollo Surprise Jewelry Box!

One: $30/month for product(s) up to $50 value
Two: $50/month for product(s) up to $80 value
Three: $30/quarter for product(s) up to $50 value
Four: $50/quarter for product(s) up to $80 value

Choose the best plan for you and wait for the best subscription box to arrive at your doorstep!

Don’t waste your time searching online for trendy jewelry. Let us do it for! Sign up for the Apollo Surprise Jewelry Box now!

At Apollo Box, we are passionate about fun and unique gifts. We created an innovative AR shopping platform to make shopping even more fun.  We want you to discover something you are so excited about that you want to share it with your friends. Sign up with us to get informed about innovative technology and products.

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