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Back To School Essentials For Kids

Summer might not be over, but summer break is, unfortunately, coming to a close. Which means it’s time to start back to school shopping for your kids. Whether they need stationery, bags, or nifty gadgets, we’ve rounded up a few essentials to set them up for success! 

Jetpack Backpack 

Do you have a little boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut? Our Jetpack Backpack can help make those dreams come true. Complete with rocket boosters, fuel canisters, control units, and flames, this is the perfect bag to launch their first day back at school. 

Cat Clear Pencil Case

This pencil case is purr-fect for back to school shoppers. These playful pouches will hold pens, pencils, sticky notes, and more! The best part is the clear case makes it easy to see what’s inside. Your kids will always know where their necessities are. 

Cartoon Cat Neutral Pen Set

Our Cartoon Cat Neutral Pen Set is creative and fun. Your kids will love the adorable design and how easy it is to write everything down. Plus, the pen’s smooth ink flow offers hours of uninterrupted writing.

Mini Helicopter Speaker

This portable speaker is a must-have for college students. Our Mini Helicopter Speaker plays music via Bluetooth, so they can listen while they work. Plus, this speaker is portable and can be easily carried from one place to another. 

Flamingo Sticky Note 

This set of flamingo sticky notes is perfect for bringing a little flare to the classroom. It’ll also make your kids more likely to write down little reminders and assignment dates. Writing is always more fun when you’re using colorful stationery, right? Right.

Creative Spray Sports Water Bottle

You’ve never seen a water bottle like this! Not only can you drink from it, but you can push a button and have the water gently spray on your face. It’s like a portable mister! Perfect for kids in after school sports who need to stay cool while outside.

Desktop Organizer

Help your teenager keep their desk fresh and clean with our Desktop Organizer. Available in neutral colors, it stores everything from stationery to rulers to small gadgets. Plus, it’s slightly elevated and offers plenty of room for their keyboard. 

3-Layer Bento Box

Our 3-Layer Bento Box will completely transform your kid’s lunches. You don’t have to stick to the same, tired, cold lunches every day. With three separate compartments, you have room to experiment and pack several different foods. This way you can ensure their lunches are balanced. 

Pokemon 3D Molded Backpack

Do your kid’s love pokemon? Then they’re really going to love our Pokemon 3D Molded Backpack. It’s so life-like and big enough to hold all their essentials. Let’s face it, kids have a lot of school books – they need a bag that’s durable and spacious. 

AR Earbuds

Why spend hundreds on expensive airpods when you can buy these AR Earbuds for your kids instead? These gadgets offer superior sound and hands-free calling. Not to mention, the ears are molded to create a comfortable fit. Your kids can go from class to class without their buds falling out or making them feel uncomfortable. Now, that’s a back to school must-have!

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