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Must-Have Items for Your Interior Design Resolutions This New Year

Every home can begin to feel stale after a while without updates. Luckily, the start of 2020 is the perfect time to revamp your home’s style to resemble how you want your new year to feel. Finding the best inspiration for effortless and fun interior changes is easy. Here are some unique room modification ideas for you to try and the perfect household decor items to match:

More Greenery in Less Space

If your New Year’s resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle, then consider incorporating more plants in your house. Not only do plants provide an array of benefits for our overall health, but many plants thrive near sunlight, which is also known to increase our mood!

Window sills and countertops near natural light sources are ideal for potted plants like herbs and aloe. However, more often than not, counter space is prime real estate, especially in rooms like kitchens. Installing kitchen countertops can cost at least $200, so using items meant for vertical space like wall-mounted planters can solve both spacial and design issues when trying to literally liven up space. Available in four colors, these are sure to fit into any existing theme!

Wooden Accents to Liven Up Sterile Designs

Monochrome design schemes and varieties of metals are popular throughout many homes. But home offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and even living rooms can have too much of one style, so breaking up one scheme can yield some gorgeous results. Wood is an excellent material to add warmth and character to a room consisting of shades of single colors.

For those with more room in their budget to be creative, a wooden accent wall is a perfect way to add depth and texture to space. Alternatively, smaller accent pieces like this wooden desk organizer can bring some natural elements to an ordinarily bland desk.

For even more flair, consider creating a DIY piece from wood! Most people tend to have an excess of blankets in their homes, and a blanket ladder makes for a simple DIY project without needing a lot of tools.

Fabric Art in Living Spaces

When it comes to interior design, the use of fabric is typically limited to furniture or rugs. What many fail to realize is that textured artwork, like fabric art, is a fairly inexpensive and unique way to add visual interest to any living space.

Integrating fabric in your home design can help achieve a well-balanced and cozy feel.  A multi-colored tapestry, for instance, can tie together almost any room with its clean, geometric patterns. An added benefit of tapestries and other fabric art is that they can help reduce ambient noise in rooms with hardwood or tile flooring by absorbing common household noises from footsteps or the television.

Modern Fixtures With Modern Designs

If your space feels dark and dreary, changing out the lighting can be exactly what it needs to feel re-energized and modernized. LED lamps, like this C Curve LED Lamp, not only look the part but are also much more efficient than traditional lamps with bulbs.

If you are open to a more permanent update than a table lamp, this LED Wall Lamp will make a statement for years to come. Traditional materials in a modern form really make for a timeless design.

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