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Awesome Bathrooms, Bring Infinite Joy!

Although the bathroom is small, it plays an important role in our daily life. This small area can jumpstart the perfect day. If well decorated, it can also improve the happiness index of our lives.

Today, I would like to share with you some super cool bathrooms, which are both very functional and attractive! (You can also get some decoration tips below.)

1. Stylish and Attractive

Sakura pink is combined with gray, bringing a soft and casual feeling. Apart from the color matching, the lighting also does an excellent job. The light strips enter the concave wall and are arranged neatly, providing us with a bright and transparent visual experience.

The light pink goes well with white tiles and a wooden bathroom cabinet, creating a refreshing and lovely atmosphere. Both green plants and aromatherapy can be placed at the empty place nearby, which not only removes any odor from the bathroom but also beautifies the whole space.

The bathroom wall adopts the color of coral orange, paired with black and white grid tiles and all of the must-have bathroom essentials to bring a soft and agile feeling while improving the overall sense of quality. The glass partition is ingeniously built to separate wet and dry areas, thus keeping the bathroom clean and dry.

2. Fresh and Elegant

The bamboo-like wall has curved and graceful lines. A large green plant is planted nearby, providing a peaceful and comfortable bathroom fairyland.

For those who like Nordic style, don’t miss this bathroom! Dominated by light colors paired with a light-colored wooden bathroom cabinet, the whole space looks natural and warm. Transparent glass separates the wet and dry areas naturally, so that the small space is fully functional but not crowded.

The wall is covered with small porcelain white subway tiles while the ground is laid with flower patterns, which is meant to create a fresh and artistic vibe. Embellished with brass elements, it shows a life of luxury.

3. Simple and Unique

Dominated by the frosted black and gray color scheme, this bathroom may look dull and depressing. But with the help of the warm lamplight, this kind of dullness can be broken and transformed. The golden embedded storage area also looks warmer and more copasetic under this lamplight.

Small grains are distributed on the grey wall without redundant decoration, which creates a simplistic clean feeling. The wall partition is built to separate the large space. Different materials collide in this space after the laying of the bamboo flooring, thus enriching the diversity of your house.

The marble has artistic texture and bright reflections, which gives the bathroom a bit of artistic flavor. The golden line inlay also adds a sense of luxury and refinement!

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