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The Ultimate Groom’s Gift Guide

Weddings are the perfect time to honor the love you have for the ones closest to you. Whether it’s your best friend, brother, or father who’s getting married, take this time to give them a gift that expresses your appreciation for them and helps them celebrate their big day. Finding the perfect gift for the groom or groom-to-be doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Self-care items

With the stress of wedding planning, grooms could likely use an excuse to take some me-time and unwind. Help him focus on himself for a day rather than the planning so he can enter his big day with a refocused mind. Consider giving him a combination gift with simple self-care items like a journal to organize his thoughts and de-stress, and a salt light to create a meditative space while he gets ready for the wedding. Gifting him small moments of respite will help clear his head, relax, and be able to enjoy his day to the fullest.

Grooming items

Does the groom love to keep his look in tip-top shape? He might appreciate a new mud mask to use the night before the wedding to elevate his regular skincare routine and look fresh-faced for the photos. Or, perhaps he needs a bit of help with his look. You can gift him a hair loss treatment to ensure he’s feeling confident in his appearance by the time of the wedding, or you can pay for him to meet with a stylist for the perfect rehearsal dinner look. Use his needs, and even his input, to make sure you’re helping him prep his confidence so he can live in the moment during the big day.

Romantic gifts

One of the most thoughtful gifts to give a groom is something to bring him closer to his new spouse, whether it’s something they can take on their honeymoon, like a nice bottle of champagne to pop after their flight’s touch-down, or something they can enjoy well after the wedding, like a romantic moonlight to make their bedroom a cozy haven. He’ll enjoy the excuse to focus on romance and reconnect with his partner following the chaos of planning the wedding.

Drinking sets

Or, maybe he’d prefer a gift to share a moment with his friends before the ceremony. Consider gifting him a whiskey lover’s set with an aged bottle of his favorite whiskey. You can break it out during the bachelor party or help ease his nerves before he walks down the aisle. This will not only be thoughtful, but it will also create a moment for new memories with him and his best friends.

Customized gifts

Lastly, you can add a personalized touch to your gift to remind him of your favorite memories or to commemorate the big day. Considering gifting him customized cuff links to wear during the ceremony or a watch engraved with his wedding date. Or, you can take it as an opportunity to bring up an inside joke by spotlighting a memorable photo of you together in a custom frame. Whichever avenue you take, he’s sure to appreciate the reminder of your love for him on this special day.

Creating small moments like these for the groom-to-be can help him better enjoy his wedding day by relaxing, taking a moment to reminisce with his loved ones, and prepare to make a great life with his new spouse. For more wedding gift inspiration, check out our Wedding Gift page!

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