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Walnut and Gray Make an Elegant Style

Beauty in Simplicity

Sergey Makhno Architects is a workshop of modern Ukrainian design and architecture. Since 2003 Sergey Makhno Architects have completed projects in 21 countries. Sergey Makhno is the founder and head of the studio. He is famous for creating unique product designs, especially massive copper and ceramic lamps.

Sergey Makhno Architects 

The bold use of dark gray wood panels contrasts with the walnut color, which enhances the personality and identity of the space.

This house is the best embodiment of simplicity. Except for gray and walnut, you can hardly see other colors.

Although the house is big, the designer made full use of the space. The large storage cabinets consist of blocks, and the color gray pairs well with wood.

The design of the second toilet is also very simple: No extra decorations.  

Glass and soft fabric are adopted in the bedroom to soften the coolness.  

The casual arrangement of artworks on the bed back wall shelf creates a unique artistic atmosphere.

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