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Add a Dash of Green Home Decor in Spring!

The interior design case prepared for you today is dominated by tea green, which brings a “vibrant” visual effect to the whole decoration!


There is only one shoe cabinet here in the entrance, leaving enough blank space for other stylish decorations. Once the door is opened, the modern artistic feeling will rush toward you.

Living Room

The gray and green wall in the living room gives us a unique and flipped feeling. The combination of marble and metal allows the light to penetrate the whole space.

The color scheme of furniture adopts black, white, and gray, with the green wall to brighten the space. Such fresh color contrast helps to liven up the vibe of the space.

The mixture of black and white abstract paintings, and fabrics in pure colors or houndstooth patterns forms a light and shade contrast that creates a dramatic spatial tension, endowing the French style with a more stylish tone.

The furniture is mainly made of leather, cotton, and linen fabrics, which are rich in texture while adding an affinity to the space. As the only embellishment color, tea green is full of energy and vitality.

Dining Room

There is no barrier between the dining room and the living room, so family members can chat with each other without sitting together. Children’s activities are within the sight of adults, which adds a lot of convenience to life.

The exquisite tableware and vase arrangement on the dining table also make the whole vibe more advanced and ceremonial.

Master Bedroom

The background wall adopts tea green wall panels, and the bedding is embellished with dark green, making the overall space rich in layers and bringing a comfortable and relaxing vibe.

Secondary Bedroom

The wall is light green, with a large area of gray-white on the bedside wall. There are round decorative paintings hanging on the white wall. The bed with leather art backrest, the wall lamp on the left, and the chandelier on the right, as well as the metal texture decoration, together create the light luxury style of the room.

Children’s Room

The design of the children’s room is full of childishness. The warm and comfortable color matching, combined with the childlike and lively patterns, make the children’s room full of dynamic and natural atmosphere.


The study room is equipped with soft wall tiles, a sofa, a small coffee table for a casual chaise lounge, and a row of bookshelf on the side wall, all of which display a dignified, gorgeous and artistic feeling.

Fill your house with refreshing spring air through these fine details and high-quality materials!

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