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Unique Mother’s Day Gift for Moms with a Green Thumb

If your mom always talks about her plant babies, geeks out about new plant seeds and constantly buys fresh flowers, then your mama has a green thumb. Indulge her green obsession this year and give her a unique Mother’s Day gift that will make her gardening heart pitter patter.

Whether she prefers to grow her own cooking ingredients, is known to always have fresh flowers, considers herself a fairy garden or is new to this whole gardening thing, we got it all. Scroll down to see unique Mother’s Day Gifts that gardening moms will love!


Unique Mother’s Day Gift for the Mom Who Loves Fresh Flowers


Unique Mother's Day gift

Rainbow Ceramic Vase

Unique Mother's Day gift

Aphrodite Vase

Unique Mother's Day gift

3D Triangle Stained Glass Vase







Can receiving fresh flowers be a love language? We think so! This Mother’s Day give your mom a unique vase to show off her latest bouquet.  

Each of these vases are filled with personality, beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Give the Rainbow Ceramic Vase to your mom if she has a bubbly personality and is known to sport bright colors. The Aphrodite Vase is for moms who love romance and have a sweet demeanor. Our 3D Triangle Stained Glass Vase is a hip gift that all modern and boho moms will adore. It adds an ethereal, mystic desert vibe to any environment. 


Unique Mother’s Day Gift for the Mom Who Grows Her Own Veggies



Unique Mother's Day gift

Mushroom Farm

Unique Mother's Day gift

Self-Watering Planter

Unique Mother's Day gift

Culinary Herb DIY Kit







A mom who grows her own vegetables, fruits and herbs is a boss mom.  What’s better than eating home grown food? Nothing! So do your mom and yourself a favor and buy her a unique mother’s day gift that adds to her veggie collection.

Nothing is as satisfying and easy to grow than our Mushroom Farm. With this kit your mom can grow organic oyster mushrooms right out of the box served on your plate within 10 days! Gift our Self-Watering Planter to moms that love mason jars and cherry tomatoes. This gift is compact so she can grow it any place like her kitchen, her room or her office! Mom’s who are known for experiencing with different herbs need this Culinary Herb DIY Kit. It includes 11 different herbs to grow and step-by-step instructions.

All of these unique Mother’s Day gifts are adorably packaged and ready to grow!


Unique Mother’s Day Gift for the Mom Who Is Basically a Garden Fairy



Unique Mother's Day gift

Garden in a Bag

Unique Mother's Day gift

Wall Hanging Flower Baskets

Unique Mother's Day gift

Geometric Quadrilateral Wall Vase







Signs your mom is actually a garden fairy. Their wardrobe is packed with floral prints, they are all about the flower crowns and they truly do care about the environment. If your mom fits the description above, then give her a unique Mother’s Day gift that tells her you’re onto her undercover identity.

Fresh flowers is the lifeline of all garden fairies, so keep your mamma’s heart alive and strong with our Garden in a Bag. With this bag your mom can grow flowers or herbs year round. Garden Fairies naturally gravitate towards hanging plants, so place mom in her natural element with our Wall Hanging Flower Basket. Hang these round metal flower baskets on your doors or walls and fill them with fresh flowers for a cheery atmosphere. A true garden fairy loves and appreciates every plant. With our Geometric Wall Vase, your mom can give all her plants the attention they deserve.


Unique Mother’s Day Gift for Moms New to Gardening



Unique Mother's Day gift

Miniature Plant Keychain

Unique Mother's Day gift

Pineapple Magnet with Air Plant

Unique Mother's Day gift

Rose Garden Terrarium







To all the moms who just started gardening, don’t worry we got you! Not all gardening endeavors are easy, so if your mom wants to start off slow, she’ll love any of these easy gardening gifts.

How cute is the Miniature Plant Keychain? Any mom would squeal with joy because this plant baby is so darn cute! These baby plants require minimal care and can transfer to a larger unique planter in 8-12 months. The adorable Pineapple Magnet with Air Plant is another tiny but charming plant gift. These eccentric, wooden magnets come with small air plants that add the perfect touch of greenery. Our Rose Garden Terrarium is a more extravagant unique Mother’s Day gift that will make your mom look and feel like a gardening pro.  The lush moss and green fern is super easy to keep alive and creates an enchanting scene.


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