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Geeky Fun Toys for Kids of All Ages

From toys to treats, we have over 100 items for your kids to enjoy all throughout the year. We have a variety of geeky fun toys for kids of all ages to enjoy. Whether you’ve got a toddler or a teen, we’re sure to have something your kids will love.


Celebrate your teen’s inner geek by gifting them with a geeky fun toy for Christmas or their birthday! We’ve got a variety of comic book and science fiction products they’re sure to love. If they’re more into robotics, get them one of our high-tech robots to play with!

geeky fun toys

Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker

geeky fun toys

mBot – STEM Robot

geeky fun toys

Harry Potter Voldemort’s Wand







Seven and Up

For the growing geek, we’ve got a great selection of fun and interactive toys that are sure to capture their attention and keep them playing for hours! Your kids will love all of our 3D puzzles and remote control toys!

geeky fun toys

PowerUp Boat

geeky fun toys

3D Pterodactyl Puzzle

geeky fun toys

R.E.V. (2-Car Pack) Original







Six and Below

For the fledgling geeks, we’ve got tons of charming and cute products for parents to choose from. Bring a smile to their face with cute animal-themed products and toys.

geeky fun toys

Cute Tongue Call Bell

geeky fun toys

Animal Parade A-Z Puzzle

geeky fun toys

Animal Hand Puppets







For more geeky fun toys that you can purchase for your kids, check out our Toys collection! Read our Ultimate Gift Guide to discover awesome presents for the whole family.

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