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Father’s Day Gifts for The Father Figures in Your Life

Father’s Day isn’t just a day to celebrate your dad. If you’re lucky enough to have one or two men in your life who chose to step up and help fill the role of dad, then show them your appreciation with one of these Father’s Day gifts.

We’ve got unique gifts that grandpas, uncles, stepdads and any other father figure in your life would love. Whether you’re looking for a tech gift, outdoors gift, stylish gift or fun gift, this guide has it all . So show your dad or father figure that you recognize and are thankful for all that they’ve done for you with one of these Father’s Day gifts.

Business Man’s Briefcase

Father's Day gifts

Give this classic and sleek leather briefcase to the father figure who’s all about business and taught you a trick or two about being proficient and building connections . This leather briefcase is roomy enough for all of their work and commute essentials, from a laptop to wallet. The adjustable shoulder strap is long enough for over shoulder or cross body carry.

Toasted Bread Slippers

Father's Day gifts

These Toasted Bread Slippers are the perfect gift for father figures who like a good joke and are always busting out corny dad jokes. Take your pick of Sourdough slippers, Rye styled slippers and slippers that represent the classic dinner roll. Pair this with a jar of jam and your father figure is bound to get the joke and appreciate the comedic approach to this gift. Looking for more novelty slippers? Then check out these killer Shark Slippers.

Benelli Foldable Electric Bike

Father's Day gifts

Our Benelli ebike is the coolest gift for father figures who like to cycle to work or mountain bike.With a 250w motor, the Benelli City Foldable Electric Bike can reach a max speed of 20 mph and stay powered for 31 miles. It gives just the right amount of power so riders aren’t struggling up hills and can still have stamina after long routes. The bike is also compact and weighs around 40 lbs., so it’s extremely easy to transport.

Beer 2 Go Bottle / Can Cooler

Father's Day gifts

Had your first chilled beer with your dad, uncle, brother or grandpa? Then remind them of that special memory with a pack of the same beer you two first drank together and this Beer 2 Go Bottle / Can Cooler. This stainless steel cooler has everything you need to enjoy a cold one including a built-in bottle opener on the lid. It’s the ultimate beer accessory and a must-have at barbeques, beach parties, pool parties and camping trips.

3D LED Night Light

Father's Day gifts

Have a father figure who is fascinated by space and astronomy? Then give them a gift aht will fly them to the moon! From an astronaut in flight to a shining harvest moon, our 3D Night Lights feature unique, celestial images that bring a picturesque glow to any space. This unique 3D light is a cool home office addition that will always remind your Father figure of you whenever they look at this enchanting gift.

Star Wars Wooden Clock

Father's Day gifts

Got a father figure who is one with the force? Then give him a gift that will make time for his Star Wars obsession with the Wooden Star Wars clock. Made of Walnut or Cherry Wood (your choice), these unique clocks are works of art. With 3 styles to choose from your father figure will want one for all the crew’s quarters.

Solid Textured Grey Bowtie

Father's Day gifts

If you have a father figure who is always put together and takes style notes from James Bond and David Beckham, give him a statement piece that Jay Gatsby would approve of. Textured gray and dipped in a tarragon green, our Solid Textured Gray Bowtie looks smart in any setting, from a wedding to a first date. It’ll make your father figure feel dapper and ready to take on the world.

Cuisine R Revolution

Father's Day gifts

Out of all our 2018 Father’s Day gifts, this is the most exciting gift to give to any father figures who love to cook. The Cuisine R Revolution kit will transform your father figure into a molecular maestro right before your eyes. This kit includes everything they’ll need to start learning molecular gastronomy techniques including: spherification, gelification and emulsification. A step-by-step 50 recipe DVD makes it easy to create unique and complex dishes!

Outdoor Hammock Chair

Father's Day gifts

Every guy enjoys a long nap outside on a warm sunny day, covered by the shade of the trees and cooled by a light breeze. So give your father figure a gift that will bring their napping dreams into a reality. This cozy hammock chair was made for snoozing and relaxing away on warm summer days. It comes with two soft cushions and fits kids and adults.

Football Flask

Father's Day gifts

Does your father figure love football and neat brandy? Then surprise him with a gift that combines his favorite things! Toss him this Football Flask like it’s the real thing and see the surprised expression on his face once he realizes it’s a flask. It’s a fun and necessary sidekick for tailgates, games at the park and more! Whenever he gets thirsty, all he has to do is unscrew the top and pour!

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