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Home Upgrades to Try During Quarantine

As we reach the end of 2020, we all have vastly different outlooks on life than we did when we first entered the year. Our ways of living, our schedules, and our mentalities have all drastically changed because of the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, and for many of us it has been a struggle to get adjusted. However as our lives have shifted, so has the dynamic of our households.

To accommodate large families, remote work, and future gatherings, many families have begun home upgrades or adjustments to give their space comfortability in the long-term. So if you are looking for ways to revamp your home now and in the future, keep reading for some of the top home upgrades of this year.

Home Office

Of course, home offices have become quite popular in 2020 as both children and adults have adopted remote work lifestyles. There are a number of ways you can set up your home office; however, it’s always important to make sure that the space is adaptable.

While you can go through full renovations to add a designated home office, many have opted for more budget-friendly solutions that still separate their work space from their living space.

For example, clearing out a closet to set up your desk may be optimal for you. Depending on the size of your closet, you can install a floating shelf on the inside and when needed, pull up your chair to begin working. However, once the day has ended and guests come to visit, you can shut the door or curtain to conceal your work space.


The kitchen has become the hub for many of us during quarantine and as a result, families are realizing the need for more room, better appliances, and a new style in their kitchen.

Some households have taken the time to renovate their kitchens entirely; however, if you need a quick fix, small additions to your space may help to give you the look you’re going for. For example, your kitchen table may be bulky and rarely utilized by your family. For a more practical solution, try replacing it with a kitchenette or mobile island. This helps accommodate seating while allowing for more available space for traffic throughout the kitchen.

If you have been longing for appliance upgrades, quarantine may be the perfect time to start looking. Some of the top stainless steel appliances are user-friendly and allow for easy cleaning — and with everyone home all the time, faster kitchen cleaning is certainly ideal. For added protection on new appliances, try finding a home warranty company that is perfect for you. Then, if anything goes wrong with your brand new systems, you can get them fixed quickly and at an affordable price.

Don’t forget to stylize your kitchen with decor, modern accents, and quality finishes to give the space a luxury feel that is comfortable for the whole family. In recent years, many families have added a variety of indoor plants to the space to give a light and fresh feel.

Dining Room

The dining room has been “resurrected” as a part of many households because we have had the opportunity to bond more than ever over these last several months. Whether it be for family dinners or game nights, sitting down together at the dinner table is no longer a thing of the past.

To revamp your dining room, you’ll want the focus of the room to be the grand table. Many have opted for a long, rectangular table to match modern styles. However, if a huge dining room table isn’t the best use of your everyday space in your home, extendable dining room tables might be more practical for you. When closed, they can seat around four guests, but once extended, they can allow for as many as twelve people to be seated at once.


The basement is sometimes forgotten. However, it can be a good idea to upgrade it during quarantine. Before upgrading, take the added step of checking that the basement is comfortable for living and explore ways to conserve heat in the space — especially in the winter. You can take advantage of your warranty plan here as well if you run into any heating trouble.

After ensuring that the space is safe and livable, many families have added furniture and entertainment systems in their basements to serve as a family room or guest room for the holidays.

Even if you are working with an unfinished basement, you can still incorporate modern or industrial decor and accents to match the space’s aesthetic. Since the basement’s concrete and piping is likely exhibiting several cool tones, you may want to consider incorporating warm colors and textures into your space for a perfect balance.

Patio and Outdoor Space

Lastly, patios and backyards are the perfect spaces to revamp as well. With less opportunities to go to public places, many families are spending much more time outside than ever before. For that reason, a quality outdoor area is key.

While you may not want to fully renovate your backyard space as winter gets closer, don’t underestimate its usage for bonfires, outdoor movie nights, or snow games and adventures. You can always set up a fire pit in the center of some outdoor seating or add in a gazebo to keep you covered from weather. If you are feeling creative, you can even set up your own personal ice skating rink with a few DIY supplies and have it last you for future winters as well.

Although the pandemic’s shut downs were quite the shock, sheltering in place has forced us to be creative with our homes. Many families have made large and small upgrades to their homes and have reap the benefits of them the more they are at home. Let us know your favorite upgrade and how you plan to try it in your own home.

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