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Popular Interior Trim Colors! Which One Do You Like?

Popular home decoration color leads aesthetics and market trends and even changes people’s lifestyle. This is exactly where the value and meaning of popular colors lie. Any color has its positive and negative influence, and that’s why you should learn some interior trim colors before decorating your dream home.

Mint Green

If you want to express vitality and your fashion attitude in a colorful season like spring, mint green is absolutely your perfect choice.

Mixed with light blue’s clarity and green’s vitality, mint green is a representative of vigor and personality. Whether used in large areas or embellished in subtle details, mint green can add freshness and boost the overall atmosphere, especially in the hot summer.

Water Blue

Water blue, by its very name, is a light blue color similar to that of the ocean. Imagine yourself running where the sky meets the sea, and jump into the clear blue ocean, leaving all worries behind.

Water blue is an excellent match for home space. It is lighter and stabler than navy blue. Whether applied to furnishing, wall color, or wall and floor, water blue can enhance the freshness of the overall space and bring out a stunning visual effect.

Blackcurrant Purple

Among the popular colors this year, purple is none other than noble. Blackcurrant purple is a rich and elegant purple with a soft pink tone.

Due to the vintage style it creates, blackcurrant purple meets all fantasies about elegance in the home decoration industry. Purple is rarely used as the main color, but instead is mostly seen in small accessories. Through strong color collision, purple color can easily create a sense of luxury.

Melon Orange

Eye-catching melon orange is always a girl’s favorite. It is similar to coral orange, but melon orange presents a more romantic and sweeter feeling with the pink tint it has.

Melon orange will naturally make people feel energetic and cheerful if used in large areas. It has the ability to bring out warmth no matter if it is used in large areas or in the embellished details.   

Combined with white, gray-blue, and gray-green, melon orange becomes more vivid and eye-catching against a neutral background.

Old Gold

Different from the former fresh colors, old gold has a noble looking with its maturity and gives off a vintage glamour without being too flamboyant.

Decorating home spaces with bright old gold lights up the whole space and creates a warm and sunny ambiance. If used in large areas, old gold perfects spatial visual performance through color separation and contrast color.  

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