Home Entertainment Want a Tasty Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe? Try These Drinks and Stay Cool All Summer Long

Want a Tasty Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe? Try These Drinks and Stay Cool All Summer Long

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe

Summertime is here and that means long days, spontaneous nights out, pool parties, and the perfect time to try out a new summer fruit cocktail recipe.  Only once a year do we get to eat berries, melons and other types of tasty fruit.  So we thought we’d take advantage of the season and surprise our readers with refreshing summer fruit cocktail recipes that feature nature’s sweetest gift.

We took some time and scoured the internet to find four classic summer cocktail recipes that have a fruit twist, from some creative food bloggers. We also added in some fun cocktail cups, tools and accessories that will take your summer drink experience to a new level!

If you like strawberries, pineapple, pomegranate (oh my!), or any other type of summer fruit, then any one of these summer fruit cocktail recipes will work, so read on because we’ve got a drink for you!

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe #1: Moscow with a Twist

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as ginger beer, especially when it comes served with vodka and lime in a copper mug.  The Moscow Mule is the perfect drink for people who want a flavored cocktail but not the overbearing sweetness that comes with syrup flavored drinks.

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipes

Photo by My Food Story

If you want to try a Moscow Mule with an extra twist, try this mint strawberry moscow mules recipe.  It has the perfect balance of sweetness and fresh mint, and makes the moscow even more refreshing.

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe

Serve your summer fruit infused Moscows in these rustic moscow mugs, to be modern and classic at the same time.

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe #2: Sangria

Want a vacation but don’t have the time or money to travel far, far away? Then spend a couple bucks and feel like you’re attending a fiesta in Spain, as you sip away on this delicious Sangria.

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe

While the average Sangria recipe is filled with fruits from the citrus family, this Watermelon Sangria recipe stands apart from the rest with. Watermelon is the essence of summer, so why not add it in a staple summer cocktail?

Keep your Sangria chill and sip at your own pace in these Wine for Two glasses.

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe

These glasses will keep your Sangria cold for up to 45 minutes longer than usual, and won’t take away the fruitiness of your summer fruit infused cocktail.

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe #3: Pina Colada

If you’re a fan of fruit and dessert, then enjoy both and pretend you’re on a cruise or in waikiki with a frothy Pina Colada.  This pineapple based drink will satisfy your sweet tooth and is the essence of summer.

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe

Try a new version of this classic summer cocktail with this frozen pina colada recipe. This recipe gives your pina colada a creamy consistency and is the perfect spiked dessert.

If you want even more pineapple in your life, then make all of your drinks with this adorable Pineapple Cocktail Shaker.  

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe

Cool, mix and shake a variety of different cocktails with style and pair your shaker with these adorable pineapple shot glasses make your friends asks where you got this fun item from!

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe #4: Pomegranate Mojito

I’ll have some rum, rum, and oh, more rum please.  Oh what the heck, maybe add a little mint and sugar too. If you’re a lover of rum, then sip on some mojitos to cool off on those hot summer days, and get a little taste of heaven.

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe

Photo by Life’s Ambrosia

These pomegranate mojito recipe from Life’s Ambrosia offer are a pretty pink color, and have more flavor than your basic mint mojito.  These mojitos even taste great virgin style, so everyone in the family can have a taste and savor the flavors of Havana!  

Any one of these summer fruit cocktails would be perfect to serve for Father’s Day, at grad parties, small summer get togethers and birthday parties.  If you’re interested in experimenting with one of a kind cocktails, then check out this Cocktail R-Evolution kit.  

Summer Fruit Cocktail Recipe

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