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Zero Cleaning and More Juice with JUISIR

Wish you could get into the home juicer craze, but not interested in spending tons of time cleaning your machine after every single use? JUISIR is the juicer which requires zero cleaning. JUISIR is able to get every drop of juice out of your favorite fruits using a powerful press. It never needs to be cleaned, because the fruit never actually touches the machine. It stays looking pristine and beautiful on your counter-top without the added hassle of constant cleaning.

zero cleaning

How Does It Work?

Three Easy Steps

  1. Place fruits or vegetables into included bag
  2. Place bag into JUISIR
  3. Push button, wait 90 seconds & enjoy

JUISIR options two types of bags, either a single-use or multiple-use bag made from biodegradable or recyclable materials, respectively. Chopped fruits and vegetables should be cut into pieces the size of a dollar coin. Each bag holds about 300g-350g (0.7 – 0.8lbs) of raw products and produces about 200-250ml of juice. JUISIR also plans to offer pre-prepared juice packs with exclusive recipes, called J-Packs sourced from local suppliers.

zero cleaning

How is it zero cleaning?

JUISIR’s unique juicing bags completely separate fruit and vegetables from the machine itself. JUISIR itself never touches the fruit – it stays in the bag and gets pressed directly into the cup. Unlike traditional juicers, JUISIR is a cold press juicer, meaning it uses large amounts of force in order to produce a high yield of liquid. The press uses a patent-pending leverage concept that produces 8 tons of force. This maintains more nutrients and a great taste with no pulp residue. It’s also quiet to operate, unlike blade and slow juicers.

Other Benefits

  • Juicing at home is 80% cheaper compared to store-bought juice
  • 15% higher yield than other home juicers
  • Tailor your own recipes to personal preference
  • Much fresher – produces one cup at a time, to be enjoyed immediately
  • Eco-Friendly: bags are biodegradable and renewable on the inside, and recyclable on the outside
  • Zero cleaning means you Save Water: a typical 20-minute juicer cleaning session uses over 50 gallons of water!

How much does it cost? When can I buy it?

JUISIR is currently running a Kickstarter campaign with a pre-order price of $450 USD. The expected standard retail price is $800 USD. This includes 60 single-use juice bags. JUISIR will be available April 2017.

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