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12 Kawaii Gifts That Are Too Cute For Words

Kawaii means, “cute” in Japanese. It’s a way to describe things that are unique, trendy, and out of the ordinary. Hello Kitty backpack? Kawaii. Unicorn-designed toaster? Kawaii. Animal-shaped keyboard? Very Kawaii. Get it? If you’re looking for unique gifts that look custom-made, keep scrolling. We’ve created a list of 12 of the best kawaii gifts:

Ceramic Noodle Bowl


Eating lunch at work just got a major upgrade, thanks to this handmade item. Our Ceramic Noodle Bowl is microwave safe and comes with silverware. But that’s not the best part. Do you see the little animal on the lid? You can rest your phone on his bum and watch Netflix or scroll through Instagram. What a time to be alive!

Milk Tea Earrings


What do you like – milk or tea? Why not both? Treat yourself this summer to earrings that look refreshing AF. You can by our Milk Tea Earrings in 2 styles: lemonade tea-design or milk tea-design. Don’t worry, both of them are kawaii ;).

Kitty Bluetooth Speaker


Hello Kitty, who? This Kitty Bluetooth Speaker combines your love for music with your love for cute things. Or, should we say “kawaii things?” It’s compact size and high sound quality makes this gadget perfect for travel. Pack this speaker in your suitcase, and have music at your disposal whenever you want.

Kawaii Kitty Mug Set


Our Kawaii Kitty Mug Set makes the cutest breakfast set. The large mug can keep hot food warm. While the base can store all your small snacks. Do you want breakfast in bed? Use this mug to make those dreams come true!

Kawaii Fishing Cat Mug


A cat-inspired mug? Very, kawaii. These cat mugs are perfect for the feline lover in your life. They’re quirky and original, with two different designs available. Be the best friend of the year and treat your friend to one of these silly mugs.

Elodie Unicorn Planter


Is there anything more magical than a unicorn? This unicorn planter comes close. Our Elodie Unicorn Planter is dreamy. The planter comes with a golden horn and pastel-colored mane. It’ll hold your favorite succulent so it can grow and thrive. Sit back and watch the magic of this decor.

Junior Unicorn Lamp


How Kawaii! This Junior Unicorn Lamp is enchanting and makes the perfect gift for kids. It features a LED bulb with 16 different colors, so they can pick their ideal glow. This lamp will help them get a creative and restful sleep.

Cute Fruit Ceramic Mug


Do you need a new favorite mug? Here it is. This glazed ceramic mug comes with a colorful fruit design! You can fill it with coffee, tea, water, or something a little stronger. Close your eyes while you sip and imagine you’re on a Hawaii beach.

Candy Styling Earring


Does your love for candy run deep? These Candy Styling Earrings are deliciously fun. They’re made to resemble wrapped candy, dropped from a goldenrod. They come in several elegant color so you can choose your favorite one or collect them all! Mix and match your favorites to create a sweet look.

Kawaii Donuts Erasable Pen


Schools not out yet! These Kawaii Donuts Erasable Pens will help these final months go by. You can choose from five different styles. But don’t worry, every style comes with a donut (drizzle included).

Cherry Earrings


It’s official – cherries are the trendiest fruit. Which explains why you see so many people rocking cherry accessories. We decided to get in on all the fruit fun with our own Cherry Earrings. These stylish accessories, designed with a gold stem, will catch everyone’s attention and can work for any occasion.

Cute Ceramic Animal Planter


These ceramic planters are more than cute, they’re Kawaii! (See what we did there?) They come with a tail, ears, and hand-painted features. All you have to do is add a succulent, or plant of your choice, inside and watch it flourish.

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