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Unique Gifts for National Moon Day 2021

With the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo moon landing coming up, treat yourself or your space geek friend to some of our favorite lunar-themed products that are sure to please.

Moon Phase T-shirt

T-shirts are a summer essential. Featuring the moon in different phases, this soft cotton tee will help you stay cool and stylish on hot summer days, whether you’re running errands, lounging at home, or casually meeting a friend. Share your love for space with your favorite science geek by gifting this tee to them.

Astronaut Moon Ashtray

Whether you’re a smoker looking for a functional ashtray, or simply need a fun and artistic way to hold your loose change, this piece is for you, or your tobacco-​loving friends! In memory of Neil Armstrong, this cement ashtray is shaped like the moon, with craters, one or two astronauts, and a cheery greeting.

Astronaut Moon Brooch

The pretty blue moon makes the perfect perch for a sweet little astronaut. Pin this brooch to your jacket or backpack, or gift it to the astronomy or space fan in your life. Whether you’re going out or staying in, this pin will add a little glamor to your outfit, and show off just how much you love all things space.

Rocket Moon Clock

Shaped like a slice of the moon, this timepiece showcases a rocket on the second hand. A lunar orbit now takes only a minute! A perfect gift for space lovers (or for your own home), this wall clock will add a fun touch to the act of checking the time. Who knew watching time fly could be such a blast!

Glossy Moon Vase

Bring home the moon. Tuck flowers, grasses, and twigs into the “craters” of this glossy “moon” to create a stunning display and add a touch of nature to your home. Given its sleek, modern design, the vase makes a statement all on its own. It’s the perfect gift for lovers of plants and everything celestial.

Vibrant Moon Plate

Offered in seven styles, this ceramic plate is moon-shaped, Japanese-inspired, and vibrantly colored. Choose your favorite or collect them all. Whether you’re looking to treat your guests or yourself in style, or buying for those who love Japan, cooking, or the moon, the durable plates will get the job done!

Levitating Moon Lamp

The moon floats above a wooden base. Is it magic? No, it’s magnetic levitation! 3D-printed to resemble the real moon, this gravity-defying lamp produces a soft light that keeps the atmosphere calm and serene. Whether you’re looking for a cool gift for moon lovers, or a unique way to bring the beauty of the night sky into your home, the lamp is the best choice.

LED Mirror Moon

At a glance, this piece looks just like any other round mirror out there. When turned on at night, however, the LED-lit piece transforms into an enchanting moon! It makes a great gift for the science enthusiast in your life. Hang yours above a table, next to your bed, or over your sofa set to open up and brighten your space by day, and enjoy a full moon every night.

Moon Inspired Car Diffuser

Taking inspiration from the moon herself, this cement diffuser is the perfect way to refresh your car’s interior, and relieve your stress on the go. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you’ll soon be able to enjoy the soothing aroma. An out-of-this-world gift for every car or travel lover, this moon diffuser will add an element of the cosmos to their vehicles.

Moon Glass Dice Set

Want enough dice to start a D&D group, or a lot of dice just for yourself? Looking for the perfect gift for the tabletop gamer in your life? This set includes all the seven dice a player needs to embark on their adventures. Each glass dice features an iridescent-inspired look with golden numbers and a moon motif. It’s never been this easy to make a statement with every roll.

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