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Small Ways To Transform Your Backyard

Are you moving to a new place? Do you want to update your current decor? There are ways you can transform your backyard without breaking the bank or taking up too much time. We’ve created a list of items that’ll help you create a backyard worth showing off. From comfortable seating to gorgeous lighting, here are 11 products that’ll upgrade your backyard:

Geometric Area Rug

This area rug is perfect for adding a sophisticated and fun touch to your patio. With geometric shapes showcasing blue, yellow, and black colors, this rug is the ideal accent piece. Pair it with neutral decor to create a truly eye-catching environment. 

Pineapple LED String Lights 

String lights are a great and easy way to add warmth to your backyard. These ones, in particular, are delicate and small enough to hang around your outdoor walls. Plus, they’re shaped like pineapples which as you know is the symbol of hospitality. Help your guests feel at home with this patio essential.  

Modern Nordic Planter

One of the easiest ways to transform your backyard is with planters. Don’t get me wrong, plants can provide decor but so can the planters you put them in. These Modern Nordic Planters are sleek and come in several different colors and shapes. 

Cushioned Hammock Chair

Hang loose and add some fun to your backyard with our Cushioned Hammock Chair. The soft cushion will relax you for hours while you sway back and forth. Don’t worry, the durable ropes are sturdy – you’ll feel safe while you swing in this portable chair. 


Every backyard needs a wireless stereo speaker and this one is perfect! Its outdoor-ready design doesn’t just look good but works as it should. You’ll enjoy superior sound performance on this gadget. The best part is you don’t have to plug anything in, this stereo offers Bluetooth. Simply link your phone and enjoy your music.

Lighted Patio Umbrella

This solar umbrella will really transform your backyard! It comes draped in lights you can turn off and on at your leisure. Not to mention, it’ll cover you and your guests from the sun or rain. Keep it above your outdoor dining table or seating chairs. 

DIY Smartphone Projector 2.0

Who said movie nights have to be indoors? Our DIY Smartphone Projector lets you project movies straight from your phone. Which means you can watch anywhere; including your backyard. Set up a few chairs, grab some blankets, and get comfortable outside while watching your favorite show. 

Triangle Shaped Throw Pillow

Update your patio furniture with our triangle-shaped throw pillows. They’re made from luxurious velvet and come in several sophisticated colors. With these, it’ll take no time at all to transform your backyard. Leave them on your outdoor benches or chairs for a lovely look. 

Wood Lantern

These stylish lanterns are exactly what your patio needs! Once you light them you’ll see a warm glow that’ll offer a ton of ambiance. Perfect for a little backyard decor. Hang them in your trees or place them on your tables for a decorative design. 

Foldable Floor Chair

Speaking of movie nights, this chair is the perfect addition to your backyard theatre. With firm back support and a cozy quilted topper, you’ll lounge for hours. You can even use this comfy chair for gaming. 

Aromatherapy Candles 

Transform your backyard with candles…yes, candles. You’d be surprised by how effective candles are. Not only will they add warmth and charm, but they’ll also give your backyard a signature scent. These Aromatherapy Candles come in several scents so you can pick your favorite.

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