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American Vintage Style: Back to Nature

Homestyle is not made up of proper nouns but is constructed through the habits, imagination, and expectations of the occupants. This 158㎡ exotic-style house, designed by Oksana Dolgopiatova, has a nostalgic atmosphere shaped by its retro style, which also presents an irreplaceable and unique appearance.

floor plan

Only after sharing and understanding the story of the homeowner can a designer create a home space that is close to people’s hearts. In this case, the designer used a calm tone of blue to connect the whole home. The patterns and colors always give people a sense of fantasy and mystery.

People have their own stories, which requires an understanding of their needs of use, mind, imagination, and unnoticed needs through their words and gestures. The homeowner loves the American vintage style, so the designer used the line panel shape to carve out the elegance of the American style between the wall and the cabinet.

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