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Designer Reproduces Beautiful Scenery with Embroidery

Tulip Fields

Have you ever seen anyone make an earth from embroidery? Inspired by aerial photographs, Naisargi Sonagra, an Indian designer, has reproduced the earth’s scenery with embroidery.

Mustard Fields

As the founder of The Surreal Aerial, a contemporary textile project, she has made a range of embroidery pieces to create illustrative landscape scenes that are overflowing with textures and colors. The point is to bring impressive textile scenes to life so that more people can fall in love with textiles.

The Forest Road

Long and straight satin stitches portray farmland, bunches of French knots look like trees and foliage, while colorful seed beads are made to seem like people, from an elevated view.

The Beach

Each piece is unique, recreating a beautiful landscape.

The Island
The Delta
New York City Plan
Lavender Fields

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