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A Collision of Vintage Green and Modern Style for an Elegant Home

Retro elements have always been popular in fashion and design circles, and such retro trends are commonplace in home décor. For example, the vintage green color scheme has been a big hit in recent years with its innate classic vintage feel. Today we will take retro green as an example to see how a modern advanced sense of decoration is created.


The vintage sideboard has been converted into an entry shoe cabinet. With the green sophisticated hexagonal tiles on the floor, you will feel pleasant upon opening the door when reaching home every day.

Living Room

The entire living room is dominated by two kinds of green of low saturation, making the space more three-dimensional and more richly layered.

The living room has no suspended ceiling or intricate European-style plasterwork lines. It keeps only the simplest lines.

My favorite corner of the whole home, a good combination of “retro” and “modern”!

The fishbone spliced floor has a sturdy but gentle texture against a deep and light wood color.

Dining Room


The black-framed glass barn door of the kitchen keeps the light flowing and continues the looming relationship with the dining room.

The overall area of the kitchen is small, with a U-shaped design and ergonomic high and low countertops.

Master Bedroom

The bedroom is decorated to be calm and comfortable improving upon your sleep quality. The room is dominated by a warm color scheme, which includes two different shades of pink and deep blue embellishments.

The bedroom has a full pane of glass, which provides good indoor lighting. You can also enjoy a wide view through the glass.


The vintage faucet, wall lamp, mirror, brass hairdryer, and shelf pair with horizontal stripe, making the whole space harmonious and neat.


The overall layout of the study room adopts a movable household style to prepare for possible renovations in the future.

Considering the possible temporary stay of parents, a sofa is placed here, which can be unfolded into a comfortable bed of 1.5×2 meter.

The overall lighting in the house is very good. The marble of the bay window is made of special gray natural marble, paired with blue-gray velvet curtains for concealed installation.


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