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Various Wedding Themes, Bring Endless Inspiration

Hey brides! It’s time to start planning for the 2020 wedding! We know that settling on wedding themes can be one of the more difficult tasks, but don’t worry, we have searched and concluded some popular and unique wedding themes for you here. They are all attractive in different styles, such as rustic, vintage, Boho, etc. Just take a look and get some inspiration for your own big day! 

First, let’s see some popular and regular themes.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings always have a large area of lawn and simple farmhouses. It is extremely comfortable for everyone to be in this beautiful nature setting. String lights, mason jars, twine, lace, and all wood everything contributes to the simple and homey vibe of this theme. If you like DIY, rustic wedding décor will be your cup of tea and the whole scene will be your dream wedding style.

Garden Wedding

Since it is a garden-themed wedding, a large number of flowers can be used to decorate the scene, no matter if it’s fresh flowers or dried flowers. Filled with beautiful and colorful flowers, your wedding and the garden can be better integrated. Some important elements such as swings also can’t be ignored. Look at the following adorable swing which is embellished with flowers, it can add a highlight to your perfect wedding day!

Beach Wedding

As the waves glide against the shore and the gentle breeze rustles through your hair, you will feel pretty comfortable and romantic in this kind of beach wedding. It doesn’t require too much decoration, therefore you can make DIY decorations at will.

Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are a real hit in recent years! If an antique shop is your favorite place to go, this is the best time to organize the most amazing vintage celebration ever!

BOHO Wedding

Light linens, earthy details, and a variety of floral centerpieces and greenery installations can help to transform your traditional reception into a bohemian style wedding. For more BOHO wedding decoration details, please click here: BOHO Wedding Decorating—Get Closer to the Nature 


This timeless style features Great Gatsby-era lavishness, including robust fonts, plenty of geometric shapes with sharp lines, luxe centerpieces and champagne towers. Seriously, who can say no to a fantastical Jazz Age party? Not us!

A few items below of this style are listed for your reference. (Click the link on the picture to shop)

Hearts 3-Tier Cupcake Stand

Geometric Candle Holder

Multicolored Marble Succulent Holder

Nordic Style Chair

Unique Light Decor

Gold Dipped Marble Coaster


There are so many wonderful decor elements available to you under this expansive wedding theme—the space is literally your limit! It’s believed that the universe itself has something in common with love and marriage: Despite the vastness of space and time, you and your partner managed to find each other, and that’s pretty marvelous. Need a little inspiration to get you started? Let’s see these related elements.

These moon constellations tapestries are perfect as brilliant backdrops.

Fantasy Tapestry Collection

Moon Constellations Tapestry

Starry Night Candle Black White

Constellation Night Light

Starry Universe Plate

Ceramic Saturn Lamp

Crescent Moon Fairy light Lantern

3d Moon Stars Wall Stickers

Mermaid and Ocean

As we all know, mermaids live in the ocean, so why not infuse them to your wedding if you are a fan of both elements? As for the best ways to bring this theme to life? Consider choosing navy blue, emerald green, or soft sky blue as the main color for your celebration’s design.

Boat in a Bottle

Sailboat Candle Holders

Sea Themed Candle Holders

Sky Sea and Dunes Candle

SeaShell Ornament

Mermaid Candy Box

Mermaid Tail String Lights

Mermaid Shape Design Crystal Glass


The trend for unicorn-themed weddings is seeing a stunning boom among couples. Gradient pinks and blues are the calling card of a unicorn theme. To ensure your makeshift unicorn and all your unicorn loving guests feel right at home, you can decorate the venue with balloons, bunting and some cute unicorns. And most importantly, rent a white horse for the day. Apply a convincing horn and have the best photoshoot of your life.

Here are some fantastic items for your unicorn wedding.


Uni Unicorn Ambient Light

Magical Unicorn Led Lights

Unicorn Candle

Unicorn Flower Pot

Unicorn Windchime

DIY Unicorn Floral Dream Catcher

Faux Taxidermy Unicorn Head

Have you got any inspiration from the themes above? You can also choose a completely original style and feel free to incorporate pieces from several themes. It’s your wedding, so design it according to your own preferences.

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