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Geometric Home Decor Ideas That Capture Your Heart

As a modern fashion element, geometric design is not only adopted in clothing, but it also has its place in each corner of our life. When used in home decor, geometry adds novelty and boldness to the whole space. Check out these brilliant geometric designs! 


▲Different geometric shapes are painted on the white wall, plus the color collision of pink and green make the whole space particularly playful.

▲The combination of triangles and polygons creates a naked eye three-dimensional effect, while the geometric design of the hollow-out chair shapes an avant-garde and dynamic space.

▲Are you tired of solid color? Try some bold use of geometric asymmetry and add more freshness to life.

▲The geometric elements on the wall and sofa pillows bring a strong sense of layers.

▲The ceramic tile is one of the most common designs with geometric elements in interior design. As is shown in the picture, the axis of symmetry further divides the six-sided brick into different blocks and makes the wall more three-dimensional.

▲Have you ever thought about styling your ceiling? The random combination of geometric elements can be an inspirational gallery.


▲The whole space appears totally different with these geometric elements. Round shapes and similar tones are integrated into tables and chairs, which presents a sweet and soft atmosphere.

▲The unique geometry style creates an unusual spatial sense and offers quite a visual feast.

▲These two stylish bar chairs pair well with the wooden kitchen.

▲The shelf does not have to be square. It can also be very unique in design and shape.

▲The diamond-shaped mirror and dining chair legs produce an echoing harmony. 

▲Geometric elements are everywhere, from the stylish mirrors, to the gift box and the throw pillow on the ground.


▲Line + geometry + naked light bulb, the minimalist style lamps are a stroke of genius.

▲Upside-down diamond-shaped lights with geometric facets

▲Chandelier hollow-out triangle and patchwork design reflect the alternative fashion feel.

▲Check out this novel ceiling lamp. Asymmetric design can always bring fresh visual stimulation.

Carpets & Small Objects

▲Avant-garde designs can be seen everywhere! Look at this carpet and other pieces of home decor.

▲Geometric elements are not a mere figure. A tiny planter can be completely distinct with the addition of it.

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