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Permanent Camping Hut, Return Your Life to Nature

Outdoor Design

“Outdoor design” is a modern-style outdoor campsite designed by Casey Brown Architecture. Located on a hillside in Berry, Australia, the whole house is surrounded by grass, trees, and blue sky.

The floor of the tower house is designed in a suspended platform, and each corner is supported by short four-sided timber piles, which have a good moisture-proof effect. The sun casts light on the house, displaying a very natural light and shadow effect. At noon, a regular sunbathing can’t be missed. Being here, you will get an excellent view of the pasture.

The small copper house is divided into two parts, one part is set for eating, leisure, and living; the other part has facilities to meet the basic needs of life.

The exterior surface of the tower house is designed in tough straight lines, showing a simple and neat feeling. There is a straight ladder outside the house which is to facilitate access to the top of the roof to timely check the storage situation of the water tank. At the same time, the ladder is also a living hub connecting the bottom and top spaces.

The bathroom was designed specifically as a separate tower house, with a rear deck that seamlessly connects to the front tower house. It is also equipped with a water storage tank and a composting toilet.

Climbing up the ladder, you can reach the roof smoothly. A panoramic view of the beautiful scenery in the distance can be enjoyed on the roof. The facility on top of the roof is used to collect rainwater, which works to change rain into domestic water.

The solar panels on the roof are sloping. This energy-saving design can provide enough power for night lighting, which is both beautiful and practical. Architects always infiltrate the philosophy of high-efficiency and environmental protection into daily life.

This hut can only be reached by foot, and from a distance, it appears like a silent little sculpture. Against the blue sky and white clouds, it is particularly attractive to the eye.

Seen from the backside, the deck and the copper wall are unfurled like open pages, and the shaded part under the sunlight can become a place for temporary refreshment.

The copper wall is very convenient to use. It can be completely closed when not in use and opened immediately, which effectively prevents the outer copper from being exposed to direct Australian sunlight. Take a holiday, live in this “permanent tent”, and enjoy natural and simple life.

When the right wall panel is opened, you can see the tower house very conspicuous on the grass, and then you can glance at the indoor environment.

For the open space on three sides of the house, the architect designed a series of floor-to-ceiling windows and half-opening doors, so the daily lighting is perfect. Residents can enter the room through the left and right sides. This floor equips a dining room and a living room, which are public areas for small-scale activities.

The space on the first floor is an open layout, and simple leather wooden chairs can be used for the owner to take a short rest after returning from horseback riding. The overall design of the placement of the bowls and saucers is made up of narrow wooden boards with different shades of color, with a rough and delicate texture.

The greenery outside the panoramic glass doors adds to the architectural interest and brings a unique aesthetic enjoyment of being in nature. The brass countertop sink and faucet on the left side of the room provide a visual vintage feel. The leather floor-to-ceiling sofa bed is perfect for an afternoon nap or reading and meditation.

The first floor serves as a basic living space with a very simple and airy overall design structure. Food cooking and storage are available here, and the cabin facility with wood fireplace heating provides some warmth. You can enter the second-floor bedroom via a ladder.

The material for the black fireplace is made of the waste iron sheet from the dock, which can pass the heat from the first floor to the second-floor bedroom, keeping the house in a warm state. The bedroom is designed with small windows facing each other, which can ventilate and dissipate heat without barriers. With the natural light of the windows, a special visual carnival can be enjoyed.


Here is the bathroom. The toilet is designed with horizontal wood to make irregularly shaped intervals, and all materials are made of copper. A small window is designed above the toilet as a vent, and every inch of material is exquisite.

As night falls, a meaningful bonfire party begins. At this time, the fire gradually echoes with the indoor light.

When the moon is hazy, the warm yellow light makes the hut bright everywhere, and the light inside the house spills onto the grass in front of it, bringing a serene vibe.

A bed, a table, a stove, and a bathroom, provide you with all the materials you need for retreat. The needs of life are condensed down to the essentials.

Perspective View

Floor Plan

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