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9 Unique Sunglasses To Wear With Your Summer Wardrobe

When it comes to sunglasses, there are two things you should consider: Protection and style. You want sunglasses that shade your eyes and look cool doing so. Which is why we’ve created a list of options you’ll absolutely love. Keep scrolling for unique sunglasses you won’t find anywhere else:

Round Fashion Sunglasses

Chances are, you’ll see more people in circular sunglasses than any other shape this summer. That’s because round looks good on almost every face shape. These Round Fashion Sunglasses take things up a notch with their rimless top. Perfect for whenever you want to make a statement.

Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Remember the good ole’ days when people rocked aviator sunglasses. Well, those days don’t have to be over. These Classic Aviator Sunglasses are Top Gun cool. They showcase unique chain-link arms that are anything but basic. Plus, they’re available in several different colors.

Retro Round Sunglasses

Shopping for unique sunglasses? Here you go! These Retro Round Sunglasses will compliment your face shape and prove you know a thing or two about fashion. They’re even made from eco-friendly material, so you can help the environment and look great.

Steampunk Vintage Sunglasses

These small, circular sunglasses are perfect for the edgy individual. Do you live for Coachella? Do you rock flared pants? Then these Steampunk Vintage Sunglasses are for you. Ideal for angular faces, these unique sunglasses will look great with your outfits.

Rimless Faceted Sunglasses

Do you want to protect your eyes? Do you want to look amazing doing so? These Rimless Faceted Sunglasses are geometric-shaped and visually appealing. They’re available in black, orange, yellow, blue, and brown. Regardless of the color you pick, these gradient lenses will turn heads.

Square Sunglasses

There’s nothing wrong with opting for a square share. After all, square is classic and these shades are high-fashion and fun. Plus, their oversized look will compliment all your summer outfits. From athletic wear to your little black dress, wear these sunglasses everywhere.

Big Square Rimless Sunglasses

Are you feeling bold? These rimless shades are big…like, BIG. If you have a small face, you might want to steer clear from these frames. But if you want an eye-catching look, opt for these. They’re sleek, oversized, and add a touch of quirky glamor.

Rimless Heart Sunglasses

You’ll LOVE these shades. Get it? They’re heart-shaped and rimless with a gold finished metal frame. These sunglasses are retro and fun – truly one-of-a-kind. Plus, they won’t clash with any of your summer pieces so you can rock with confidence.

Polygon Faceted Sunglasses

The geometric shape and rimless design of these unique sunglasses will stand out. While the metal frame stays the same, the glasses vary in tint. Do you want to rock a purple hue? Go right ahead!

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