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Products To Help Your Home Smell Better

Summer is almost here, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the fresh smell of spring. Don’t let your home go back to smelling “just okay.” Use these 10 products to help your home smell amazing, no matter what the season:

Holocene Scented Candle

Sometimes all you need is a candle to freshen up your home. This Holocene Scented Candle smells exactly like spring! It’s handmade, with a floral lid, and adds a decorative touch. Store this candle in your bathroom or bedroom to mask unwanted odors.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Don’t like candles? Try this Essential Oil Diffuser. It’s a great alternative. Especially for college students who aren’t allowed to have candles in their dorm. Simply add your favorite essential oil to the diffuser and let the scented mist fill your room. This diffuser works for about 10 hours and even turns itself off. So you can fall asleep to the sweet smell of lavender.

Scented Natural Crystals

Need some good energy? These Scented Natural Crystals will bring good vibes and good smells to your home. They’re infused with essentials oils. And you can choose between white, pink, purple, or citrine crystals. Each color is beautiful and will elevate your home’s decor and smell.

Essential Oil Collection

Whether you want to pour some oil in your bathtub or inside your diffuser. Essential oils are a must! They can ease tension headaches, calm your nerves, and provide a soothing smell. Choose from several different scents and use them whenever you or your home needs a boost.

Bag Plants

Plants can provide your home with a nice scent, too. These Bag Plants come with everything you need to grow. Choose peppers, kale, basil, pumpkins, sunflower, sunflowers, delphiniums, or zinnias. Then, watch your seeds grow into plants and enjoy their aroma.

Miss Milk Candle

You’ll love the decorative glass holder this candle comes in. It’s the perfect piece of decor that’ll complement any home. And did we mention the smell? This candles musk base has a subtle scent of gardenia that’ll make your home smell amazing.

Study Buddy Spray

Study Buddy Spray is infused with organic peppermint, rosemary, and lemon blend. These ingredients help boost mental focus, which is why it’s called “Study Buddy Spray.” It’s a great way to keep yourself alert when working or studying at home. Plus, it’ll make your room smell fresh and clean.

Gold Leaves Handmade Soap

What better way to keep your home smelling good then by making sure you smell good! This honey-scented Gold Leaves Handmade Soap is made from mango leaves. We know, we know. It looks like a leaf. But it suds up when water hits it. You’ll feel clean and smell sweet.

Jupiter Aromatherapy Candle

Bring the beach to you with this Jupiter Candle. This delicious, tropical-scented candle is perfect for summer. You can choose from yummy strawberry, green apple, sea breeze, orange, or lavender. Each candle comes in a vibrant color and floral accent to create an eye-catching display.

Scented Wax Hanging Tablet

Chances are, there’s odor lurking in your closet. That’s where we keep our dirty clothes, after all. This Scented Wax Hanging Tablet, made with palm wax and essential oils, will end that problem. Hang it on your clothes rack to keep your closet fresh.

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