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Magical Unicorn Slippers That Will Light Up Your World

unicorn slippers

Unicorns are all the rage right now and for good reason. Unicorns are adorable, colorful, fun and mystical. There’s unicorn makeup palettes, unicorn gym gear, unicorn stationery and unicorn recipes. If you’re a fan of this enchanting trend, then you need to get a hold of these magical unicorn slippers.

Created by Smoko, a small company based in LA, these unicorn slippers are so cute you won’t be able to stand it. With a rainbow colored mane, friendly eyes, large head and little legs, you’re bound to smile every time you look down at your feet. These unicorn friends also make the cutest social media posts, and will look adorable on your next Snapchat story. Read on and learn the top 3 reasons why you need these unicorn slippers.

Why You Need These Unicorn Slippers Reason #1:

They Light Up

unicorn slippers

As if being just plain old adorable wasn’t enough, these unicorn slippers light up! This takes the magic level to 100! Why settle for basic unicorn slippers when you can have light up unicorn slippers?

Whip these bad boys out at sleepovers and slumber parties and you’ll be the talk of the town. Not only are these unique, but they can also prevent you from stubbing your toes in the dark. If you want to have a private light show or be transported to unicorn world, just turn on these light up unicorn slippers and have a mini dance party.

unicorn slippers

photo credit: Facebook customer

“I love mine! They are awesome. Would definitely recommend!” – Meghan

Why You Need These Unicorn Slippers Reason #2:  

They’re Clouds for Your Feet

Unicorn Slippers

photo credit: @xoxsallysparkle

We all want to wear something that’s cute and unique but also comfortable. Well you’re in luck because these unicorn slippers are killing the stylish / comfy game.  Several people who bought these slippers commented on how comfy they are.

 “They are like 2 pillow cases for my feet . They have memory foam like soles. super cute and totally amazing . I love them so much . They are great for whenever you don’t want to wake up your partner to go to the bathroom .” – Ka’iulani

“really really love my unicorn slippers! …. they are very comfy.” – Karlene

So far these magical unicorn slippers score 10’s on cuteness, being one-of-a-kind, and comfort. What more could you want?

Why You Need These Unicorn Slippers Reason #3:

They’re the Perfect Gift

unicorn slippers

Now we understand that unicorns aren’t for everyone (we actually don’t understand that at all). If you’re not a huge fan of these lovable creatures, you’re bound to know someone who is. Be the friend / parent / partner / family member of the year and buy these cute slippers as a gift.

It’s so hard to find the perfect present, especially unique gifts. These slippers will be a home run for any person that loves rainbows and animals. Some of our customers bought these slippers as a gift for one of their loved ones and said they got a pretty good response.

“My best friend loves unicorns, so she absolutely loved these light-up unicorn slippers” – Matt

“Got these for my daughter. She love(s) them.” – Carole

“Daughter loves them!! Very comfortable and cool looking!!” – Thomas

These slippers are a surefire gift, and any person that you buy these for will be surprised and excited.

unicorn slippers

Get cold feet in winter? We have the unicorn USB heated slippers that will keep your tootsies warm and cozy!

unicorn slippers

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