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11 Noodle Bowls You Can Use For More Than Just Noodles

How many times have you gone to work with a paper bag filled with food? Or packed your kid’s lunch in an old takeaway box? Sounds like you need ceramic bowls in your life! They’re better than regular dishware and more exciting than basic tupperware. Ceramic bowls come in different designs and textures. So, you can have fun while you eat!

Here are 11 noodle bowls you can fill with more than just noodles:

Ceramic Cartoon Bowl

Noodle Bowls

This noodle bowl is adorable and perfect for storing your favorite noodles and soups. It’s made to keep food warmer longer, so you can eat your chicken noodle soup as slowly or as quickly as you’d like.

Ceramic Piggy Bowl with Spoon

Noodle Bowls

This little piggy went to the market, and this little piggy helped update your cookware! Our Ceramic Piggy Bowls are the ideal kitchen essential. You can use them to make eggs, toss a salad, or store your leftover Thai food.

Cat Noodle Bowl

Noodle Bowls

Do you like cats? Then you’re going to love this Cat Noodle Bowl. We know, we know. It’s called a “noodle bowl.” But you can store anything in here. Chicken nuggets, french fries, tomatoes, hummus, pita bread. Need we continue?

Ceramic Soup Bowl Set

Noodle Bowls

Okay, this noodle bowl set is the absolute cutest! These bowls come in different colors and each one has a furry little animal on top. They even have handles, so they’re easily transportable. You can carry them from your home to work with ease.

Cartoon Ceramic Bowl

Noodle Bowls

This Cartoon Ceramic Bowl has a glass lid. Which means, it’ll keep your hefty soup warm until you’re ready to eat. Plus, each bowl comes with a cute cartoon. You, and your children will get a hoot eating from these.

Ceramic Bowl with Cartoon Lid

Noodle Bowls

Love dessert? Go ahead and serve it on the lid of this ceramic bowl. (Yes, we’re serious.) The cartoon character-shaped lid makes a cute dish for sweet treats. And the bowl can work as a mixing dish. Mix your ingredients, cook, and then place the final product on the lid.

Bear Noodle Bowl

Noodle Bowls

Here’s another noodle bowl that can keep your food warm. Why do you need it? Because it’s cute. And because each set comes with a stainless steel fork. All you have to do is fill the bowl with food and get moving. This ceramic bowl will make your life easier. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Ceramic Kitty Dinnerware

Noodle Bowls

This modern ceramic bowl makes a great mug, bowl, and plate. The best part? It’s designed to look like a cat, with gold ears, and comes in several different colors. This bowl is chic and rather fashionable.

Cute Kitty Soup Bowl

Noodle Bowls

The kitty lover in you will fall in love with this ceramic bowl. You can use it for anything! Your fruit, chicken and rice, and even oatmeal. This Cute Kitty Soup Bowl is decorative, with double handles, and a lid. You can carry it anywhere.

Ceramic Noodle Bowl

Noodle Bowls

This microwave-safe noodle bowl will heat up your microwavable leftovers. So you can enjoy your fried rice and noodles. Oh, and did we mention this bowl is Netflix-friendly? The animal on the lid doubles as a phone stand. You can eat your pasta and binge-watch.

Cartoon Character Bowl

Noodle Bowls

Why eat cereal from a regular bowl when you can use this Cartoon Character Bowl? It comes with a matching spoon you, and your kids will love. It’s also microwave safe. Feel free to heat your warm cereal or oatmeal up in this bowl.

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