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Future of Back-to-School Supplies

These crowd-funded products are ushering in the future of back-to-school supplies. Each of them features innovative new technology and stylish design. Each product is sure to bring you or your student into the modern era. Many of the products are still available for pre-order, but will likely be in the market very soon. We’ve hand-selected a few that you should be sure to add to your wish-list!

Wynd Smart Air Purifier

Wynd is a smart air purifier that filters out pollution and purifies it as necessary. The compact design makes it easy to travel with you. The Wynd app for Android and iOS smartphones shows a real-time air quality map and trends over time. For more information, check out our preview.

future school supplies

Rocketbook Wave Microwavable Notebook

An innovative new game-changer when it comes to taking notes, the Rocketbook Microwavable Notebook provides easy cloud synchronization for better organization. With the Pilot Frixion pens, you can even microwave your notebook to erase it and start fresh.

future school supplies

Rhei Liquid Clock

The abstract flowing of time is made into reality with this prototype liquid clock. Rhei is an electro-mechanical clock that demonstrates the rhythm of time flowing through magnetic manipulation of liquids. Each digit is displayed as a different shape every time, creating a truly transient installation piece. Rhei is still in prototype phase. To learn more, check out our preview.

future school supplies

ELWN Fit Wireless Earbuds

Even in the modern era, it’s hard to find earbuds that fit your kids securely, and even more difficult to find wireless earbuds with an endless battery life. The customizable ELWN Fit Wireless Earbuds have virtually unlimited battery life. The earbuds come with 48 accessories to ensure the best fit, and come with a wearable Infinity Band USB charger that helps to resupply their 3-hour runtime while they are still in use.

future school supplies

BackPAIX Commuter Backpack

The backpack that truly has it all, with a sleek, durable, and stylish appearance. BackPAIX has built-in USB cables and a power supply, and ample room for devices and even shoes. The smart badge system can be controlled by the app, which adds a high-tech customizable touch to your bag, and can even be used as a turn signal for bikers or alert you when your bag is lost. The BackPAIX is truly at the top of its class and a formidable tool for any student. To learn more, check out our preview.

future school supplies

For more great products that you can purchase now, check our entire Back-to-school collection. Read about some of our favorites on our blog.

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