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Celebrate Memorial Day With These Essentials

Cheers to a three-day weekend and perfect outdoor weather. Memorial Day is upon us! Whether you’re vacationing up north or planning a backyard barbeque, be sure to pack your bag with a few must-haves. Here’s what you need to have a festive Memorial Day Weekend:


What’s a Memorial Day party without music? Not much of a party. This VOOMBOX OUTDOOR wireless stereo speaker is portable. You can take it anywhere without fear of damage. Its outdoor-ready design makes it safe to store near the pool, campfire, or even beach.

Wire Basket

Are you hosting a party this Memorial Day weekend? Consider this Wire Basket. It’s simple yet striking. And will look great on your dinner table. Fill this basket with fruits, chips, bread, or veggies. Your guests will love the look of this durable metal bowl (and so will you).

Flag Earrings

Celebrate Memorial Day with these festive Flag Earrings. They’ll add some fun to your outfit. Go ahead and pair these earrings with a red, white, and blue outfit to show your American pride.

Women’s Fashion Rimless Sunglasses

Go rimless this Memorial Day with these Women’s Fashion Rimless Sunglasses. They’re just as high-fashion as they sound and will class up even your most casual outfit. Whether you’re hanging at home or going fishing with friends. Bring these sun protective sunnies with you!

Pizza Float

Pizza, anyone? This pool float comes with all your favorite toppings. It’s perfect for Memorial Day Weekend (or whenever you want to lazily float in your pool). Simply inflate the floatie and jump on board.

Soft Cooler Tote

You already have a cooler. But odds are, it’s clunky, old, and way too big to carry around. That’s where our Soft Cooler Tote comes in handy. This shoulder bag is small enough to carry anywhere but big enough to safely store up to 24 cold drinks. Beer > than water during Memorial Day weekend.

BBQ Toolbox

Are you camping this Memorial Day weekend? Then you’ll need his BBQ Toolbox. It’s a portable barbecue, made from steel with high-temperature red paint. You can take it with you anywhere (even the woods). And grill up some delicious burgers and steak.

Anti Bug Spray

We know this isn’t the sexiest product on this list. But, bug spray is a necessity. Even if you’re not camping, you’re probably going to be outside. Do you know what lives outside? Mosquitos. This bug spray will keep mosquitos away so you can enjoy the party.

Fisherman Bucket Hat

Whether you want to keep the sun out of your eyes or you want a fashionable hat. This floppy-brimmed bucket hat works for both reasons. It’ll instantly upgrade your Memorial Day look. And protect you from the sun’s rays. You can stay outside however long you’d like!

Asobu Growler 2

Treat your guests this Memorial Day with some homemade brew. This Asobu Growler 2 lets you brew beer from the convenience of your kitchen or your backyard. It’s available in several colors so you can find one that matches your style.

Double Hammock

This Double Hammock is perfect for lounging in the backyard. It’s colorful and easy to set up. Plus, it comes with its own storage bag so you can transport anywhere. Are you going to the beach this Memorial Day weekend? Don’t forget your hammock!

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